Why Hedera Has the Best Crypto T-Shirt…according to my teenage daughter

tl;dr: while the impact of crypto on the overall economy is debatable, there is no doubt that the t-shirt industry is booming. My 15 year old daughter weighs in with her opinion of which one is best.

Over the past 3.5 years in crypto, I’ve picked up a ton of t-shirts and other swag. It’s pretty much all I wear these days and my kids are at the point where they are tired of seeing it.

Eye rolls and groans are commonplace when I bring out a new one.

Until the other day, upon my return from the BRG Summit in Toronto and I walked in with a t-shirt that the Hedera team gave me.

My 15 year old daughter looked at it and said “now THAT is a cool t-shirt!”

I asked her “why?”

“Because it looks like something that I would see at Marshall’s and I would wear it.”

T-Shirt Market Research

Sensing an opportunity, I put all of the (remaining) crypto t-shirts I have on the floor and asked her to identify her favorites.

Some have been given away, so these 23 are the survivors.

  • Ark
  • Bancor
  • Bitcoin (Coin Center)
  • CryptoKitties (3)
  • DAOstack
  • Gun Clear
  • Haven
  • Hedera
  • OpenBazaar (2)
  • Props
  • Radar Relay
  • Salt (3)
  • Satoshi Roundtable
  • The Bitcoin Podcast
  • Zcash (3)

As you can see, it’s not a full sample of every t-shirt in crypto and there are some projects, based on my association, where I have different versions, but hey, it’s what we’ve got.

So, here are the runner-up/honorable mentions.

Top Crypto T-Shirts According to my 15 year old daughter

Bitcoin est. 2009… “looks like a baseball t-shirt.” You can get this by donating to Coin Center

DAOstack… “minimal design, but still cool”

Haven is the new app from the OB1 team, built on top of OpenBazaar and mobile native. “It has a good color and a cool logo”

Marketing Lessons from this Survey

I’m not exactly sure what the lessons are here. Perhaps it’s that simple is better? Maybe that a statement works best?

Open to your input.

But at least we had a good time with it.

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