Cryptocurrency Investing Performance

Here are our investing performance gains and losses statistics.

At Crypto Investing Insider, we want to be as forth coming as possible about our performance and the results we have achieved. Our goal is to teach people how to trade cryptocurrency coins and break into this exciting new form of investing. We concentrate on a cryptocurrency trading strategy that allows us to select the best cryptocurrencies to invest in, producing the highest return on capital.

Our members consist of both small and large investors, but in the cryptocurrency investing space, it’s not uncommon for smaller accounts to turn into larger accounts when making smart investments. Whether you are looking to just invest in bitcoin or dive in deeper to some of the other small projects, our bitcoin price analysis has a history of being spot on. Remember, past results do not guarantee any future results, although a good indicator about what to expect.

Investment Statistics

We had over a 2000% annualized return in 2017 and now with the launch of Crypto Investing Insider in January 2018, we are looking forward to sharing our cryptocurrency investment strategy with a community of like-minded members all looking for something similar: How to make money trading cryptocurrencies. We will be updating our 2018 annualized return, hoping to stay on track and possibly beat our amazing 2017.

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