What Kombucha and Beards Taught Me about Innovation

tl;dr: Creativity and growth require inspiration and patience. Cultivating a hobby that builds this skill may be helpful

I started growing a beard last August.

Following my son’s bar-mitzvah, we took a family trip to Israel and I figured, “what the heck?”

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The response was positive to the look, so I decided to keep it going.

Then, a few months ago, I realized how much money I was spending on store-bought kombucha and figured that there had to be a better way.

Thanks to Carlos Acevedo, I was introduced to the world of home-brewed kombucha.

Like any new hobby or skill, it takes a while to get somewhat proficient at it.

And a key part of kombucha making is the first- and second- fermentation.

During those times, there’s literally NOTHING to do. You just wait.

Sure, you can check to make sure everything looks ok, that no flies are around (a risk) and that the plastic bottles are getting firm (as the carbon dioxide increases), but it’s really just a waiting game.

The Value of Slow

I thought of the waiting required for a beard to grow and for kombucha to ferment recently, as I reflected on some of the projects I am pursuing now.

The “crypto-Salesforce” initiative is a perfect example.

Not only are we creating a solution for the marketers of decentralized projects, but we are doing legitimate business model innovation.

Creating a DAO that interfaces with the “real world” and affords legal protection to all members is not something that you can just do (today) with the click of a button.

It’s frustrating, at times, because I just want to “go, go go.” However, I am realizing more and more the value of SLOW.

We have our weekly team calls where we are exploring various possibilities, hitting dead-ends, going back to the “previously saved location” and then pushing forward again.

Like hacking our way with a machete through a jungle, at times, it can be slow going.

But if you have trained yourself to accept the pace and, more importantly, the value of slow going, you are better suited for the hard work of innovation.

I wonder if cultivating an appreciation of slow things like beards and kombucha is actually a form of training for the “real work.”

How to make Kombucha (3F & Continuous Brew process)


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