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To teach people how to trade cryptocurrncies the right way for long term success.



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Chris Douthit
CEO & Trader

Chris Douthit, the founder of CryptoInvestingInsider.com, has a long history with investing professionally, as a home investor and an extensive education in finance. Holding an MBA and multiple finance degrees, Chris has put in the time and effort to learning the market fundamentals. As a professional trader for TFM, Spear, Leads & Kellogg and Goldman Sachs, Chris was fortunate to be trained by the top companies in the world and to work alongside some of the best traders in the business.

With nearly 20 years in finance and vision to first integrate Bitcoin with in his own shopping cart back in 2013, Chris continues to give back by becoming a successful financial and wealth management author, while sticking with his goal to train new investors, giving them the keys on building a successful cryptocurrency portfolio.

Chris Monroe
Forum & Support

Chris Monroe has been trading cryptocurrencies since 2016 after working with our founder Chris Douthit on his option trading site. Chris got in at a good time, only a few months before many of the coins hit critical mass and exploded to new highs.

Using our founder’s method, Mr. Monroe was able to turn a small investment into nice return. After years of working with our founder in other financial adventures, Mr. Monroe was asked to join the team to help aspiring cryptocurrency investors follow in the same path.

Mr. Monroe is often found on the forum answering question and helping new investors along. Because he was once in their shoes, Chris can relate to most issues new investors face and is always happy to help.

Why Cryptocurrencies According To Medium.com

Simple truth — if the number of network users is steadily growing, the exponential growth of your investments is expected to grow with it. Thus, Facebook was worth more than $ 300 billion. The formula is simple. Looking for a network which is growing steadily at the very beginning => put money => wait => profit! The question is — why Cryptocurrencies? Because it’s the same network and it’s growing. Is growing quickly.

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