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Cryptocurrency’s had a huge run over the last year, and we expect that run to only pick up momentum as they gain mass adaption.

Our advisory brings readers our top cryptocurrency wealth-building picks along with full research reports, which takes a deep dive into why we feel a coin will be a success. The majority of our picks favor coins with a market of less than $1 billion, which allows us to make huge returns over time.

Most investors have stayed on the sidelines for the last year while bitcoin continued its colossal run. Fortunately, the rest of the crypto market moves have yet to catch up with bitcoin, but we expect they will soon.

This is why getting into the right names will be highly lucrative for any portfolio!

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My name is Chris Douthit, and I have been featured on most of the top cryptocurrency media outlets worldwide. Some of these include InvestInBlockchain.com, NullTX.com, CryptocurrencyNews.com, HackerNoon.com and many more.

My elegant training tutorials are renowned for making cryptocurrencies easy to understand for all types of investors, while my investing strategies continue to put money in my member's pockets while they learn.

There are a lot of people stepping in right now to make some pretty big bets on the future of blockchain, this is a very bullish sign. The money is there for the taking and for anyone who wants it, but you have to get in now before the market starts to run again.

This Is What I See Happening Recently - The Writing Is One The Wall

  • Bloomberg launches the Galaxy Crypto Index fund (BCGI). This is part of the Michael Novogratz’s Galaxy Digital Capital Management firm. Bloomberg will own and administer the index fund.
  • Facebook added Evan Cheng, the most senior director of engineering to its blockchain team.
  • Coinbase launches its custodial services for large institutional investors, minimum $10 million buy-in.
  • Goldman Sachs announces that it’s opening up a trading desk dedicated to cryptocurrencies.
  • George Soros, the billionaire investor is now buying up cryptocurrencies.
  • Andreessen Horowitz puts $300 million to work in a cryptocurrency fund.
  • The Rockefeller family venture capital firm is now said to be getting into cryptocurrency investing.
  • Susquehanna is now trading millions of dollars of bitcoin for its wealthy clients.
  • BlackRock, the world’s largest investment fund manager announces its intention to explore and most likely enter cryptocurrency markets.

These are clear signs that the smart money thinks the bull market is about to take off again. But there is something else happening right now too that shows specific crypto names are going to go even higher and our members are going to be some of the few that reap the benefits.

What We Do

My team and I are constantly researching and following all the cryptocurrencies, that including who runs them, what industries they are in, what innovations they are pushing, probability of disruption, is blockchain a good fit, and most importantly, do they have a formula for success.

We then send out real-time trade notifications with the exact trade and in-depth logic for all members so they can take advantage of our research and emulate our success and generate those massive crypto returns.

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