“The Crypto Surge”

Financial Analyst Reveals The Two-Part Pattern For Finding The Crypto Coins That Are About To Surge in 2018

Act Before July 15th And You Could Be Setting Yourself Up For The Next “Crypto Surge”

Dear Potential Investor,

You’ve been hearing a lot about cryptocurrencies lately, they’re on the TV, the radio, and people are starting to talk.

The problem is… most people don’t know what they are talking about.

If you want to see why many of these cryptocurrency projects increased in value by 10,000%, 15,000% or even 20,000% then keep reading, because the market might be setting up for another melt-up.

I have a simple blue-print that helps investors identify when the market is about to surge and take action.

Take a look at the following list:

  1. Ripple
  2. NEM
  3. Ardor
  4. Stellar
  5. Dash
  6. Ethereum
  7. Golem
  8. Binance Coin
  9. Litecoin
  10. OmiseGo
  11. Bitcoin

You probably have heard of most of these coins, but which coin from the list do you think gained over 1000% in 2017?

If you guess all of them, you would be right!

Out of the main coins, these where the biggest gainers of the year.

I am not showing you this to make you feel like you missed the boat.

You need to see this, because each of these cryptocurrencies followed a foreseeable pattern that continues to playout in the market.

The two-part pattern is something I call the “Crypto Surge.”

Once the coin goes through the pattern, we expect the prices to soar to a whole new level!

If you know what to look for, then you know how to get rich in this space. Believe me, a lot of people are making a lot of money and currently, we’re setting up for the next “Crypto Surge.”

For those who get into the right cryptocurrency now, the gains can be life changing! I am talking about investing $1000 and turning it into $1 million, it’s happening all the time!

I recommended cryptocurrencies last summer that are up over 1000% as of today!

Some people are reluctant to get in as they feel they have already missed the boat, but that could not be further from the truth.

The people that I was recommending to last summer originally told me they wish they would have bought in at the start of the year, as they likely missed the boat.

Fortunately, it did not take them very long to realize there was another boat coming around the corner, and then another one behind that, and then another one behind that… you get the idea.


That’s going to be how it is for a long time, every six months people state they wish they would have bought in just six months earlier.

That’s just the nature of the space, when you decide to get in is up to you, but things are looking pretty good right now with the market at a low. It's the perfect time for a new investor.

The fact is, I bought and sold a lot of coins in 2017 and did quite well. Here are some of the investments I recommended.

Results From 2017

  • Adex: Bought $0.125 | Sold $2.35 = 1780%
  • Substratum: Bought $.10 | Sold $2.63 = 2530%
  • Unify: Bought $0.019 | Sold $0.50 = $2532%
  • Ripple: Bought $0.28 | Sold $3.25 = 1061%
  • Cardano: Bought $0.026 | Sold $0.85 = 3169%
  • Tezos: Bought $0.40 | Own = Currently $4.58 = 1045%

The list goes on and on, but these are some of my favorite trades and recommendations.

This is what I am into and the types of returns I am looking for. There’s another melt-up coming and I want to get as many people in as I can before it happens.

Not only did I make a lot of money for myself, but I was consulting for some pretty wealthy investors.

Imagine what one of my clients thought of me when he invested $50,000 and turned it into $350,000 in just six months!

So, the next "Crypto Surge" is right around the corner, you can either be a part of it, or you can wait on the sidelines and watch while the rest of us profit. Nothing wrong with watching, hopefully you learn something if you do so you will be ready the next time around.

But if you do want in, the time to act is right now. Make sure you get in before the 30th deadline when I expect the next surge to start.

When it does, investors who do take action could be making gains in the 1000% + range?

We have seen this all before, many times, and we will see it again, it’s coming soon!

There’s Another Crypto Surge Coming And We Know How To Spot Them

Take a look at AdEx, It’s a mid-cap coin that most people have not even heard of.

AdEx represents a blockchain-based marketplace for ads, that aims to change the existing online advertising landscape and solve some major problems: ad fraud, privacy and consent to receive sponsored messages.

But to cash in big, you didn’t need to know what AdEx did, you just needed to know it was about to surge.

AdEx went from $0.125 to $2.50 in just a couple of weeks.

Every $500 invested would have been worth over $10,000 in the matter of weeks.

I owned and recommended AdEx, and those who listened to me and bought AdEx made huge profits.

Another cryptocurrency I recommended was Unify, I started recommending Unify at $0.019, less than two cents!

In just a few months Unify traded up to $0.67, that is nearly a 3500% return!

Every $500 invested would have been worth $17,000 in just a few months.

All because they were identified as starting the “Crypto Surge.”

These are just a couple of the examples of the many winning coins that I identified as winners!

There’s another “Crypto Surge” coming and I am confident that there’s going to be several coins that are going to be heading north of 3000% here very shortly.

I will show you how to find and invest in those coins so that you can make a substantial profit when it does.

So Who Am I And Why Do I Know How To Find Winning Cryptocurrencies?

My name is Chris Douthit and I have spent the good part of the last 20 years studying and working in finance.

I am a former Lead Market Maker from the Pacific Stock Exchange options floor, where I worked for one of the largest and most powerful investment banks in the world, have multiple finance degrees and an MBA.

You might find this stuff boring, but I live and breathe finance and I’m always thinking about ways to beat the market. I even wake up in a cold sweat because it’s always on my mind.

Things are starting to settle down in the crypto space, soon money is going to be pilling in. Once the barriers come down, it’s going to be too late.

The next “Crypto Surge” is going to start to commence on or before the 30th of this month.

Get into the cryptocurrencies that I am talking about right now and the rewards could be great.

So Why Am I Sharing My System With You Now?

There are so many people giving bad cryptocurrency investing advice it makes me sick.

If you have bought someone else’s system you likely know what I am talking about.

YouTube is filled with hundreds of so called “experts” giving reviews and trying to funnel people through.

There are some good people on YouTube, but the majority of them are full of hype and BS.

90% of the experts on YouTube, have no financial training, no technical training, have not worked in either industry, and are just making stuff up on the fly.

Some of the really popular people actually get paid to give bogus good reviews to coins.

Imagine putting your hard-earned money into an investment because you believed someone knew what they were talking about and had your best interest in mind, but instead were paid to trick you?

I’m sick of it, and when one of my friends fell for one of these so-called reviews, I got mad.

Now I am here to teach people how to really dominate the cryptocurrency space by using methods that actually work!

The “Crypto Surge” Secret – What Makes It Happen

Let’s say you received a stock tip that shares of Apple where going to take off after their next earnings.

But you were not set-up for an investment, you had to find an investment bank, find a broker, go into your bank, learn how to transfer funds, download software, learn the software, then make the investment.

Chances are you might not take advantage of the tip, or perhaps you do start the process, but get disrupted somewhere along the line because something called life happened.

Most people are not willing to learn how to do something new that’s complicated even if the reward is good.

But what if they were already set-up to make such an investment and could click a couple of buttons to make it happen?

Would they do it then?

Most people probably would.


Because the process is now easy!

Well that process is happening right now.

There are several things that can make cryptocurrency’s bounce.

These are innovation, integration, and application… and after you research a coin and find that all of these things are happening at once, that’s when the real magic happens.

I see it happening right now and it’s about to come together!

Just look at the volume figures and you can see the disparities in the marketplace.

Look at the volume figure for Bitcoin over the last 24-hours.

The “Crypto Surge” System Works Every Time

These events are about to happen again, so make sure you get in before July 15th.

These kinds of life-changing opportunities don’t happen very often, and when they do most people just let them wonder on by.

If you want to be the kind of person who stops and takes advantage, then the opportunity is right in front of you now.

Most people are not lucky enough to even read this page or know what they're missing, but you’re not in that group.

Things happen fast in the cryptocurrency space, and even though I am circling 30th on my calendar, it could happen even faster.

Of course, I cannot see the future, but I have every reason to believe it will happen by the 30th or quite possibly sooner.

So, make sure to get in now, so you don’t miss on this next “Crypto Surge.”

A Well Diversified Portfolio is Good Up Until A Point

Last I checked there were over 1500 cryptocurrencies on the market.

Unfortunately, most of these projects are garbage.

There are certainly some amazing things happening in the cryptocurrencies world, but there are also a lot of nonsense.

Knowing the difference is key.

Don’t just buy a bunch of random coins and think you're in good shape… you’re not!

Just like the internet boom on the 90s, some of these projects are going to go on to great things, while the majority crash and burn.

Guessing is not a strategy!

Pick the projects with the greatest chance to win and build your portfolio that way.

Once you know the full formula, you will understand perfectly which coins are staging to take that next “Crypto Surge.”

This will set you up for the best chance of success.

Let’s Have a Look At Some Past “Crypto Surges”


Made a “Crypto Surge” when it went into Coinbase on July 21, 2016 where it surged 14,000%.


Made a “Crypto Surge” when it went into Coinbase on May 3, 2016 where it surged 1100%.

Bitcoin Cash

Made a “Crypto Surge” when it went into Coinbase on December 19, 2017 where it surged 126%.


Made a “Crypto Surge” when it went into Binance on December 8, 2017 where it surged 1000%.

I could continue to list coin after coin. The list goes on and on…

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Success is right around the corner.

Ezekiel S. Ezekiel S.

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Mark O. Mark O.

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I will tell you now, because we deliver so much and receive great results it’s not cheap.

As I said before, we’re looking to making 2000% gains this year, perhaps even more.

My team and I perform endless hours of research and perform non-stop technical analysis to ensure we're doing everything right.

We have to weed through 90% of the garbage to find that one diamond in the rough.

I gave up starting our own hedge fund to do this work, and if you're familiar with those, they take a huge percentage of your profits.

In many cases, many tens-of-thousands per year!

We don’t dip into your earnings!

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Don’t Make The Same Mistake I Made!

I remember back in 1999, when I was fresh out of college and I thought about buying Amazon stock. Amazon had been trading publicly for a couple of years and it was making quite the name for itself. This might sound ridicules now, but Amazon was just starting to get big back then.

It was up over 6000% in just two years and I remember thinking, “I cannot buy it now, I have already missed the boat.”

That turned out to be the second worst trading mistake of my life!

The cryptocurrency space is just in the first inning, and for those who get in now, the rewards are going to be great!

Learn from my mistake!

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Warm Regards,

Chris Douthit, MBA, CSPO

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