YouTube, the Friend and Foe of your Crypto Journey

When you first start to get into crypto, the endless pool of information is daunting.

I found that knowing where to go to get reliable information was a bigger challenge than learning about the blockchain itself.

Along the way you’ll find various blogs and articles, podcasts and videos. Scam websites, fake exchanges, scammers purporting to be others on telegram, and hackers are all perils that threaten your crypto journey. You’ll find that the learning curve for understanding crypto and the blockchain is an easier task than learning how to keep your investment safe.

One of the first areas of information you will come across will be YouTube.

There are literally thousands of ‘crypto’ YouTubers out there. Some of which are honest and open and provide good information. Some come across as being very knowledgeable but in reality they literally plagiarize other YouTuber’s content and brand it as their own. Then there are the over-dramatic hype-merchants, who will stop at nothing to increase FOMO (fear of missing out), in projects they are involved in to help their own investments grow.

From the slightly camp and clumsy Suppoman to the overconfident and babbling CryptoCrow. From the accurate and quick firing Boxmining to the brain dead JR Business brothers (please avoid these idiots like the plague).

And judging them all is Doug Polk, the over confident self proclaimed judge and jury of crypto on YouTube.

There are too many to mention, but along the way, I have watched and subscribed to 100s, maybe even 1000s of them.

After a while you will narrow down your subscriptions. This may be because you do not believe what they are saying, just don’t like them, or see through their BS.

My favorite YouTuber in the crypto space is Keith Wareing. An open and honest crpyto expert who has been into crypto for many years. Whilst the language on the channel can be explicit, it is always delivered in a friendly and unoffensive “English” way that many cultures do not understand. Get passed this and you are onto a winner with this guy.

He has held advisory roles on some projects and is highly respected by the movers and shakers in the crypto community.

It’s no secret that many YouTubers are sponsored for their reviews. The honest ones will declare this. Whilst others are adamant that they never get paid and that their reviews are always unbiased. In general this is not true. Keith on the other hand, always advises you when he is being sponsored.

Keith tends to focus mainly on ICOs. Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), are the crpyto equivalent to IPOs (Initial Public Offerings) in the share market.

ICOs, whilst in some cases can be riskier than investing in the established coin market, offer much greater gains a give you a chance to get in at ground level.

Keith has recently started a crypto pool to help the average investor achieve high discounts and bonuses on some major and exciting projects. The pools concentrates mainly on the pre-sale stage of a project. Most pre-sales require a large minimum investment that most of us cannot afford or do not wish to risk a large sum on. By pooling the investment, you get the benefits of the pre-sale bonus/discounts but at the same time your outlay can be lower, in some cases as low as $250.

Whilst there are other pool groups out there, I highly recommend Keith’s. The group contains number of high profile investors offering advice and assistance and the projects are always valid and have great potential.

Unlike some other well known identities in crypto, Keith actually takes time to communicate directly in his telegram group. I have found that some others rarely take any interest in their groups and almost never communicate directly with their members.

Check Keith’s YouTube channel out at and join Keith’s Crypto Pools on Telegram at

Ivan On Tech come a close second for me. He is an international speaker, blockchain educator, software developer and data scientist. Ivan’s YouTube channel Ivan on Tech is a truly global phenomenon spreading knowledge about the blockchain technology to hundreds of thousands of viewers all over the world. Ivan makes the complex simple by delivering entertaining and exciting talks.

Check out Ivan’s YouTube channel at

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