You don’t have to trust me…

tl;dr: when blockchain-enabled trust comes native to a relationship, marketers (and others) get to focus on higher order priorities in demonstrating and communicating value.

I was giving a presentation about the growth of crypto “behind the numbers” the other day to a 100% mainstream audience.

I showed them some charts about the increase in the number of Bitcoin wallets, Ethereum addresses, dapps running, and a few other stats.

All the good “up and to the right stuff.”

Then, it just kind of dawned on me.

“you know, you don’t have to believe me about these numbers. You can go verify them yourselves by looking at the blockchain.”

I could see in their eyes that something clicked for them.

They knew enough about blockchain to understand this idea.

Then they GOT it.

They could relax.

They weren’t being BS’d.

I wasn’t pulling wool over their eyes because, well, I couldn’t.

In a world of politicians- and marketers (surprise!)- who may have ‘alternative facts,’ it is extremely refreshing for an audience to feel a sense of comfort based on trust in a presenter.

When your app or business or organization runs on a blockchain, the trust in the inner workings of the entity comes pre-installed.

That has never been the case and, as organizations grow, increasing bureaucracy and losing transparency, it is increasingly rare for that to be the case.

When we look at the impact of blockchains on society, I think this part, despite all of the books on the topic, is often under-appreciated.

I’m speaking at Blockchain Revolution Global in Toronto as part of my relationship with the Blockchain Research Institute run by Don and Alex Tapscott.

The audience is enterprise CMOs and the topic is “How Blockchain Puts the Trust Back into Marketing.”

I think I will lead with this story.

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