Will PandaMafia Kill the Doge?


If a couple of years ago we had asked about cryptocurrencies to different people in the world, and about their knowledge of this world, surely the most common thing would have been that they would have said they had no idea about the subject or at most that they knew Bitcoin and little more. However, now things have changed. Cryptocurrencies have become more popular and more common, especially in the trading world. In addition, Elon Musk has caused a boom in this industry with his tweets, and his memes about Dogecoin. Another currency that has been talked about a lot in recent months because of its growth and its usefulness, it is actually a meme.

Without going any further, today I wanted to talk to you about another coin that is about to break into the world of cryptocurrencies and is called $Pandama, which was born from the PandaMafia project (https://pandamafia.finance/index.html). Well, this coin is a real meme coin based on the governance of the community itself that is built within the Polygon network. The idea is that it becomes one of the most accepted projects in the Polygon chain, for its difference towards them and above all for its governance between members of the community.


So, in a little more detail, PandaMafia (https://pandamafia.finance/index.html) is a social experiment created on the Polygon chain, i.e. it uses Blockchain technology and smart contracts to base its governance on the community itself. This means that users of the Polygon network who hold $PANDAMA, will be who will choose the way forward of the coin itself.

How it works?

Let’s see how it works … the idea is simple and is based like most projects on what the economy does. Well you charge a fee (tax) of about 10–11% when a user wants to acquire the token and when you want to generate an LP token (add liquidity to the PANDAMA $ pool) and a 1% return, liquidity and rewards will go hand in hand. This way, if you are a $ PANDAMA holder, you will automatically receive $ PANDAMA for every transaction that is made on the network.

Main features

  • Instant return: 1% of the transaction tax discussed above will go to holders as instant yield.
  • LP Purchase: 10% of the tax is earmarked for liquidity to provide stability during corrections and when whales sell large positions. This secures the price of the token.
  • Community driven: Governance will be provided by the community itself. They will decide the direction of the project and future developments.
  • Marketing and development: 50% of the cash generated daily will be used for marketing and development.


PandaMafia’s token is $ PANDAMA, a native Matic network token built on the Polygon blockchain.

Ticker: $ PANDAMA
Total supply: 50,000,000
Taxes: 11% tax, 1% yield, 10% LP acquisition.
Contrato: 0x49B94b35A1fddE749f740DfdeE7545b72C943b6E

Bounty program

The project gives the opportunity to earn $PANDAMA tokens performing some social media tasks and doing simple steps from the bounty program explained into the following Bitcointalk here (https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5340363.0), where you can access the link in order to see what are the conditions to become an early PandaMafia contributor and start acquiring tokens.

You can also stay tuned in their official Telegram Channel (https://t.me/pandamafiamatic). I hope you liked the post and soon I’ll send you new ones.

Social Media Links

Webpage: https://pandamafia.finance/index.html
Medium: https://medium.com/@pandamafiapolygon
Telegram: https://t.me/pandamafiamatic
Twitter: https://twitter.com/PandaMafiaDefi?s=09

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