Will Indian crypto community rejuvenate after this strategic partnership by a global exchange, OKEx?

Amidst regulatory deadlock, OKEx partners up with India’s leading crypto exchange

OKEx Reached Partnership with BitBns as the First Step into India Crypto Market

OKEx, the world-leading digital asset exchange, established itself as a reliable and stability focused entity is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with BitBns, India’s leading exchange to bring the global brand experience of secureness and reliability to Indian crypto traders.

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What’s interesting to note is that the timing of this strategic partnership with BitBns marked the entry of OKEx into Indian crypto ecosystem right during the deadlock period between RBI and Crypto supporters in India. However, this partnership not only enhances OKEx’s position in the Indian crypto industry but also restores the lost faith in Indian crypto community since OKEx comes in with an unparalleled global crypto trading experience and resources.

Being the world’s leading digital asset exchange, the Malta-based crypto exchange OKEx already caters to over 20 million users from over 100 countries with business centers scattered across the world, including Hong Kong, Tokyo, San Francisco, Luxembourg, and Seoul.

OKEx provides a safe, reliable, and stable environment for digital asset trading globally, providing comprehensive digital assets trading services including Fiat-to-Token Trading (OTC), Spot Trading, Margin Trading, Futures Trading, Perpetual Swap (1x-100x), with the aim to enrich the investment choice of users which they plan to cater to Indian community as well with this partnership.

According to an OKEx official,

“This announcement with India’s largest exchange, BitBns is the first solid step in our journey to build on our vision to serve Indian crypto community. OKEx has been very dedicated to supporting blockchain development around the globe and we respect regulation in all the countries. To cultivate the blockchain ecosystem, we are always happy and open to share our experience and insight with the local regulator in order to prompt the regulatory environment.”

This strategically strong partnership by OKEx during the existence of regulatory uncertainties is aimed towards communicating the strong notion of OKEx to revitalize the draining spirits of Indian crypto community by leveraging the two leading companies’ respective strengths, across four main verticals:

Firstly, to help local exchange with global liquidity that will accelerate and extend BitBns’ capabilities to make a mark in the global crypto landscape

Secondly, to list the Indian crypto projects on OKEx to give them a global audience and stimulate the blockchain entrepreneurship in the sub-continent.

Thirdly, to bring eminent projects in the global crypto space to India as OKEx strongly believes that having more number of equitable currencies floating in the market would boost the emerging economies like India.

Finally, to set up a fund that will support Indian blockchain projects in diverse verticals to provide technical expertise to small/medium businesses (SMB) and decentralized enterprise sites.

In the future, the company seems to be fully open up to accumulate the resources in India, as well as share ecological dividends and user traffic.

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