Will Crypto market recover from the crypto winter in 2019? | ICO Monthly Report: January 2019

January 2019 outlook for ICOs, STOs and Blockchain companies!

Monthly Report: Top reasons to be optimistic about the Cryptocurrency market

This study is dedicated to explaining the following trends during January 2019

•ICO Landscape

•STO Landscape

•Private Funding Activity

•Mergers and Acquisitions

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ICO Landscape

USA dethroned as ICO sales taper

The market observed a depreciating trend in ICO sales when compared to January of 2018, with just over 50 ICO sales observed. This pales in comparison to the 150 ICO sales observed last year. The lingering ‘crypto winter’ has Blockchain enterprises looking to raise funds through ICOs.

# of ICOs according to country in 2019

Source: InWara’s ICO+STO database

Interestingly Singapore and UK have overtaken USA in ICO sales numbers in the month of January. Increased regulation on ICO sales by the SEC could be the reason for the depreciating trend observed.

Industry sector outlook

Blockchain enterprises in the financial services industry along with allied sectors such as trading and investing, continues its dominance over the market despite unfavourable market conditions.

Source: InWara’s ICO+STO database

ICOs in Blockchain, Media and Entertainment and Fintech have suffered major contraction but this perfectly reflects the overall market as all sectors observed negative growth in comparison to 2018.

# of ICOs compared to ICOs listed

Source: InWara’s ICO+STO database

The number of ICOs getting listed on exchanges, still remain at a low 15%. In Q3 2018, less than 20% of ICOs listed themselves in exchanges, this year observed a similar trend.

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STO landscape

STOs observe a depreciating trend

STOs seemed all the rage in the crypto market space last year, with the number of STOs steadily picking up pace in 2018. Yet in 2019 the number of STOs observed a 40% contraction when compared to Q4 of 2018.

# of STOs according to financial quarter

Source: InWara’s ICO+STO database

STOs withstanding the crypto winter

Despite the market conditions being unfavourable, the failure rate among STOs is a low ~10%, with the largest STO being Petro’s $735 million raise.

Source: InWara’s ICO+STO database

Private funding activity

Bearish market trends prevail

Private funding observed a severe plunge this year as the market still tries to recuperate after its decline.

Source: InWara’s private funding database

Investors see potential in Blockchain sector

In terms of funds raised, Blockchain sector emerged dominant with the top five Blockchain ICOs taking their place in top ten funding rounds in January 2019. UK based Dorae ICO takes the cake in private funding with over $50 million being raised in a series B funding round from the investor Aethel Partners.

Top 10 Private Funding Rounds in Jan 2019

Source: InWara’s private funding database

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Mergers and acquisitions

The prolonged ‘crypto winter’ has forced many ICOs to either close up shop or move forward with strategic partnerships that could help both parties survive in the long run.

# of M&A deals in Blockchain and crypto market

Source: Inwara’s M&A database

Some of the marquee M&A deals this year includes, fiat-to-crypto exchange Coinbase, acquiring data handling startup Blockspring. Bakkt’s acquisition of certain assets of Chicago-based futures commission merchant Rosenthal Collins Group (RCG). EZ Advance acquiring Indian digital payment start-up Alconomy to expand their business into digital banking.

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