Why a Crypto-YouTube Makes Sense to a 12 Year Old…Plus an Exclusive Offer

Why a Crypto-YouTube Makes Sense to a 12-Year-Old…Plus an Exclusive Offer

tl;dr: LBRY shows a 6th grader what a decentralized alternative to YouTube might look like and why it could be better. Plus, an exclusive incentive to check it out today.

In March, I gave a keynote presentation to Microsoft’s Executive Industry Summit entitled “A Tech Explorer’s Perspective on Artificial Intelligence.”

I am proud to say that the presentation was very well received.

Today, I am making it available to members of the Never Stop Marketing network.

Microsoft paid a fair amount of money for this presentation, but you can watch it…for FREE.

The catch

The only place I’ve put this remarkable for public viewing is on LBRY, which I call “crypto-YouTube.”

Here’s the direct link. If you are already within the LBRY app (which you’ll need to download and install), you can use this link.

Now, you might say,

“Hey Jer, don’t you want a lot of people to see your virtuoso performance where you talk about AI, showing your versatility and range as a world-class presenter?”

To which I would say, “well, now that you put it that way…”

Seriously though, what I really want is for people to explore crypto-MarTech and crypto-apps, in general.

Even better, I have a direct economic incentive to encourage you to test out and experience LBRY.


Because I have LBRY tokens and am a partial owner of the network.

This stands in stark contrast to YouTube where I personally own exactly 0% of the network.

The more people who get involved in LBRY, the more valuable my tokens are.

That’s easy to understand.

Naturally, your skepticism will emerge when you say “well, it’s great that you are making money by having us use LBRY, but is it better than YouTube?”

To which I will say, “in a few ways, it is better than YouTube. In many ways, it is not (yet) better than YouTube, but if you play around with it, you’ll see the potential.”

You want to know how I know that?

Because it’s obvious to my new friend, Gidon and he’s 12.

LBRY Market Research…from a 6th Grader

Recently, I had the opportunity to spend some time catching up with a friend who I’ve known since first grade, Greg.

Our conversation was wide-ranging and, naturally, turned to crypto at one point.

Greg’s son, Gidon, was milling about.

In order to help explain the potential of crypto to Greg, I engaged with Gidon to use two examples based on something that pretty much every 12-year-old boy knows about.

YouTube and Twitch.

Twitch, for those who don’t know, is a streaming platform, used mostly by gamers. So, you can sit there for hours and watch other people play video games. An average of 1.2 million daily viewers watched over 888 million hours in April on Twitch.

I contrasted the models for Twitch and YouTube with their crypto alter egos.

Twitch’s crypto-parallel is Vimm.TV, which is fairly immature.

YouTube’s, of course, is LBRY.

Initially, Gidon was extremely skeptical that anyone would ever use LBRY. After 90 minutes (yes, it took that long), he was convinced of the potential value of decentralized networks owned by their community members.

Like Whitney Houston, I believe children are our future, so I had an idea.

I commissioned a LBRY market research report from Gidon.

In return for 50 LBRY tokens, he would write up his impressions of the platform, what he liked, and what he didn’t like.

[Side note: if you think about it, this is a perfect example of a Decentralized Marketing Organization in action, but we’ll save that for another day.]

What a 6th Grader Thinks about LBRY

Gidon promised to deliver the report within 8 days…and he did.

I’ll now turn it over to him.

Dear Jeremy,

Thank you for taking the time to discuss blockchain and how it might impact sights like YouTube and LBRY.

The following are my thoughts following our discussion last weekend.

LBRY is an online marketplace/streaming service application which helps creators of online content build a following without interference of a middleman.

I was initially fascinated by LBRY because it is not just a streaming service, it is also a site where users can trade crypto-currencies. Up until the creation of LBRY, the creators of content on other platforms felt censored and limited, worried that those platforms might ban their content at any time.

I like LBRY because creators can distribute whatever content they want without worrying about not getting 100% of the revenue.

Another reason why I think LBRY is the way of the future is that the platform is not owned by a single person or company, it is owned by the users themselves. I believe users and content providers should share all the revenue, create any content they want, and have the freedom to participate in a truly democratic and fair process for sharing content.

There are a number of ways it might be easier for beginners to learn how to use the platform:

  1. Create a how-to tutorial for first-time users. The site is difficult to navigate. For example, to get to the trading/buying/selling side of the platform, the site requires a user to download a separate app.
  2. LBRY should integrate the crypto side as well as the content side of the site. Perhaps adding a button the menu which takes users directly to the LBC market might work. The layout of the site is very clunky and is difficult to use, especially the search functionality.
  3. LBRY seems to require full downloads, unlike YouTube which allows users to stream. I don’t like how much memory is required to download content from LBRY.

My friends and I hear about platforms and sites from the most popular “YouTubers” and influencers. The key to getting a following is to help my friends think it is cool.

Most of my friends don’t know what LBRY is but if a single influencer like “NINJA” or someone like him posted on LBRY, everyone would quickly learn about LBRY and how to access others like him.

In my opinion, LBRY has the potential to become the next big thing.

The site isn’t easy to use but users need to provide more direct feedback to the company so they can improve the experience. As a next step, I would like to spend some time reaching out the company directly, get their feedback in response to my critiques.

Overall, I think LBRY is a great site and can be the blueprint for online streaming and marketing in the future.



Yes, a 12 year-old wrote that.

Companies pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for feedback and insights from teenagers. The LBRY protocol just got it for free.

But more importantly, at least one customer of the future now sees the potential for an alternative and the benefits that come with it.

I hope you’ll take a look at LBRY and let me (and the core team as well) know what you think about what it needs to do to be a better experience.

Unless, you’re not smarter than a 6th grader 🙂

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