Who Created Bitcoin: The Complex And Complicated Story Behind The Creator Of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin also known as “The father of cryptocurrencies” is the most famous Crypto-currency in the world. Bitcoin is the first online currency; it is said that it was created by a man called Satoshi Nakamoto, it is claimed that Satoshi Nakamoto is Japanese and was born in 1975. However, throughout the years many speculations have surfaced on whether Satoshi Nakamoto is a real person or a fake name for a made up character. Many names have come up during the past years, and the most famous ones are;

Hal Finney:
Hal Finney is a member at “cypherpunk movement,” he was one of the earliest enthusiasts of the idea of the online currency. As he was a game developer, he was always following the online world. He was one of the earliest Bitcoin investors and because of that many people thought that he was the creator of the bitcoin and he was using the name Nakamoto as his pseudonymous name. However, he always denied the fact that he is the person behind the great invention, and after analyzing some data and the emails of Hal Finney, people understood that he was telling the truth.

Craig Steven Wright:
Craig Wright is an Australian businessman and computer scientist, born in 1970. His theory came up when he publicly announced that he was the innovative mind behind the Bitcoin, and the argument boosted more fame when Bitcoin developer Gavin Anderson told the news that he is sure that Craig is the one. However, many people denied him, and after many investigations, it was proven that he was lying.

Dorian Nakamoto.
Dorian Nakamoto is the person in the images that pop up when you google “Satoshi Nakamoto” or “the creator of bitcoin.” Dorian has Japanese descent, and his original birth name was Satoshi Nakamoto. In one interview he stated that he is no longer involved in the bitcoin’s development. And people finally thought that they knew the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto. However later that day Satoshi’s P2P Foundation account mentioned that he is not Dorian Nakamoto.

Till this day we do not know who is the real creator and innovative mind behind the Bitcoin. Many other theories have surfaced as well, such as, Elon Musk being the creator, or Satoshi Nakamoto was a name for a group, and it was not a single person creation. With no doubt, people are still going to talk about this topic, and many new theories will come up in the next years.

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