What’s Next for Crypto & Ethos in 2019

Reflecting on Where We’ve Come and Where We’re Going

2018 has been a long year with a lot of ups and downs and the fast pace of the crypto markets make it easy to get lost in the moment and not recognize how far we’ve come. The end of the year is a perfect time to sit back, reflect upon the accomplishments of the year and look to the future for what comes next.

Ethos has come a long way in 2018 and we’ll be taking a look at Ethos’s achievements and how Ethos will fit into the rapidly growing crypto ecosystem in 2019 and beyond.

Ethos 2018 in Review

Ethos accomplished a lot in 2018! Here’s a small sample of what we were up to…

But more importantly, we drove value to users all around the world! Here’s some stats…

  • Over 100,000 users with a significant chunk active
  • Millions of transactions processed
  • Hundreds of thousands of blockchain addresses generated
  • 99.9% Uptime (Read “9s of uptime” here)
  • 142 transactable coins across several blockchain networks
  • Over 20 microservices maintaining synchronization with several blockchain networks

Ethos is a relatively new player in the wallet industry as we’ve only been in market for about 6 months. In that short time we’ve managed to not only build a high-powered, competitive service, but we’ve set ourselves up to go into 2019 delivering value across payments, trading and institutional applications.

As we go into 2019, our priorities will be:

  • Fiat Gateway! (Voyager, trading, swapping etc.)
  • UI Enhancements
  • Institutional Bedrock Applications (Payments, Custody etc.)
  • Additional Coin Integrations

But Ethos isn’t the only thing that grew in 2018. The rapidly evolving blockchain landscape changed in ways that were unexpected to many even within the industry.

2018 was a year of consolidation and return to fundamentals… but don’t let that fool you!

Blockchain is still rapidly growing. The number of blockchain users has doubled year over year and 2000+ decentralized applications exist today!

Source: https://www.gartner.com/en/research/methodologies/gartner-hype-cycle

I’ve talked extensively about this, but bear markets are huge opportunities. Many new, transformative industries go through these sorts of market cycles, but it is the organizations that continue to build through the “Trough of Disillusionment” that ultimately bring to fruition the revolutionary ideas that were promised at the “Peak of Inflated Expectations”. It is those organizations that change the world.

New Industries and Increasing Reputation

New industries within the crypto space are beginning to pop up — decentralized exchanges, custody, lending, gaming, stablecoins, tokenized assets, data storage… all evolving markets with rapidly growing players.

Blockchain is following the classic growth trajectory of new industries. Reputable players are taking the opportunity the market has given them to consolidate and strengthen their position and reputation while the short term profit seekers wash out. 2018 is the year that the long term winners are beginning to be selected — something that will only continue into 2019.

Blockchain is Growing Fast — “3 Us” — Users, Utility and Use Cases

The long term winners that survive and thrive are the one’s that drive the “3 Us”. In my last article, I talked about how it is becoming increasingly clear that the “3 Us” (users, utility and use cases) will become the name of the game going into 2019 and should become a focal point for industry participants.

Over the next few years, the name of the game will be the 3 Us — users, utility and use cases. The organizations that are able to build real use cases that bring real utility and drive user adoption are the ones that are able to succeed. Blockchain technology needs to bring real value to YOU and billions of others around the world to fulfill its revolutionary promise of a democratized financial future — and it will, in due time.

As with every space, the industry gains value by providing real utility to real users solving real problems and blockchain is no different. New use cases are popping up all the time, but 2019 will be statistically driven. How much do users REALLY value your service? We’ll find out!

The Crypto Broker— an Untapped, Unsolved Market

Ethos as an organization has always looked at ways to solve problems and simplify the experience for users in the crypto space and it became increasingly clear that a low-cost crypto broker was missing from the market. It was this realization that drove a close partnership with Voyager who is building a zero-commission best-execution crypto broker.

Our vision is to be the most trusted way for individuals and institutions to custody and trade fiat and digital assets. Our mission is to build a financial ecosystem that is open, safe, and fair for everyone.

Liquidity is the ‘HTTP’ of the Internet of Value. It is the foundational economic protocol for the future of money and it is largely unsolved. Markets are fragmented, custodied funds are often illiquid or inaccessible and consumers are never guaranteed the best execution which can often vary by several percentage points, costing consumers exorbitant amounts.

Source: https://www.investvoyager.com/blog/voyager-where-smart-order-routing-meets-crypto

Every existing exchange venue today only gives a user access to around 10% of the liquid market. That means that there is another 90% of the market where you could be getting a better execution speed or price. Voyager has built a revolutionary system that connects to all of these venues so that you can get access to liquid markets all over the globe and improve your execution — whether that is speed, price, security or reliability. You can read more about how that works here.

Plus You Can Earn While You Trade with ETHOS Tokens!

Not only will Voyager be commission free, but Ethos is enabling ETHOS Token holders to receive cashback rewards for trading within Voyager. We will determine the level of cashback rewards you are eligible for by cross-referencing your Ethos Status, which is determined by the number of Ethos tokens you hold in your Universal Wallet, with your monthly trade volume through Voyager. You can read more about how that works here.

Enabling a best-execution broker to the Ethos Community is the culmination of everything the team has built in the Universal Wallet and Bedrock in 2018. We believe that solving this hole in the market, we will be driving Users, Utility and Use Cases within the crypto industry.

2019 — The Year for “Proof of Usefulness”

2019 is when the rubber hits the road — the time where organizations have to prove their usefulness in the industry. Organizations that don’t drive the “3 Us” will become unsustainable, but the organization that do will be at the forefront of a financial revolution.

Ethos is ready to tackle the challenges of 2019 and put the New Economy in your pocket.

Shingo Lavine
Founder and CEO

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Investopedia also did a great write-up of the Voyager app here. It’s a game-changer for sure!

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