What is Modum?


Modum (MOD) is a supply chain solution to the pharma industry. Its bringing together IoT with supply chain to provide analytics to the logistics of the pharmaceutical industry.

One of its first products launched is MODsense, a temperature monitoring device that reports and tracks temperatures during shipment.

MODsense addresses a very sensitive issue, the new EU regulation has imposed regulatory requirements for the transport of medicinal products in the European Union. One of them being monitoring temperature during handling.

The data from the sensor is recorded into the Ethereum Blockchain, which ensures transparency and data integrity every step of the way. If the product encounters a temperature deviation at any point, the sender and receiver will be notified through an application provided with the device.

The company is based out of Zurich, Switzerland and was established in 2016. They conducted a token sale in mid 2017. The ICO raised around $16 Million in 22 days.

The team is great and very well experienced in tech. They have already made partnerships with SwissPost, Amazon and SAP with rumors saying they are in talks with Deloitte too.

The market capital as of today is $7.5 Million (8/09/2019). With a total token supply of 27,266,200 MOD, the circulating supply is 21,266,200. While most tokens lost more than %80 of their value in 2018, Modum has been able to preserve %50 of its capital during this time.

Modum implements a dividend sharing model for token holders, where dividends are distributed at the end of each year to token holders relevant to the amount they hold.

The team is currently working on two new solutions called MODlink & MODsight. they are thier approach to secure data handling and analytics.

I think this is a very solid project, they have been meeting all of their milestones and have delivered since day one. They have a working product with a powerful team backing it up. The only area i think they should work on is their marketing, if that gets revamped id give them a 10/10.

You will want to keep a close eye on this one in 2019!

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