What is Hyperledger Besu & Hyperledger Indy? Explain.

Our world is changing, and it is changing fast. The main reason behind this significant change is technology. Technology has become a synonym for change. New technology release means new change word wide. Our life is fully surrounded by gadgets, new technology, machines, and many other technological things. Our work, shopping, banking, everything goes digital. Blockchain technology is also a new-age technology. It is mainly known for its cryptocurrency development. But blockchain technology is wider and usable than only creating cryptocurrency. Hyperledger is an example of this. Here we briefly discuss . Hyperledger is a worldwide undertaking blockchain project. It offers the fundamental structure, principles, rules, and instruments to assemble open-source blockchains. It also provides blockchain technology-related applications for use across different ventures. It is a non-profit organization. It is mainly used to bring the resources and infrastructure for open-source blockchain projects. It also ensures a stable ecosystem for open-source software.

Hyper ledger is a highly secure technology that offers modularity and interoperability. It follows Cryptocurrency-Agnostic and competes with APIs. This technology is a building block for the core. It also develops a cross-industry system to scale the size and complexity. It also provides effectiveness and value. Hyperledger technologies are open-source code-based technology with collaborative design and governance. And because of this, industries are embracing this technology. Organizations are using this technology for developing infrastructure for building blockchain solutions.

Hyperledger Besu:

It is a java based Ethereum client. It is mainly designed for enterprise-friendly work. And this makes Hyperledger Besu a perfect fit for public and private permissioned networks. It also enables it to run on test networks such as Rinkeby, Ropsten, and Görli. The project, formerly known as Pantheon, joined the Hyperledger family in the year 2019.

Feature of Hyperledger Besu:

Hyperledger Besu has a lot of useful features to offer. These are,

EVM: It offers Ethereum Virtual Machine or EVM. And it also enables the deployment and execution of Ethereum smart contracts.

Consensus algorithms: Hyperledger Besu offers several proof-of-authority protocols. This protocol is well suited for use in blockchain consortia or other private networks.

P2P networking: Besu can facilitate client-to-client communication. It is possible because Besu leverages Ethereum’s devp2p network protocols.

Storage: Hyperledger Besu uses a RockDB key-value database to store chain data locally. This data is further divided into blockchain data and world state data.

Permission: Hyperledger Besu leverages the public Ethereum mainnet. This enables the business to create permitted networks to specify which nodes and accounts can take part in the networks.

Privacy: Hyperledger Besu uses a private transaction management system. It ensures total privacy of transactions between parties.

User-facing API: Hyperledger Besu client provides mainnet Ethereum and EEA JSON-RPC APIs. It supports a GraphQL API. It supports these protocols over HTTP and WebSocket protocols.

Monitoring: Hyperledger Besu offers some useful tools like Prometheus and Block Explorer. These tools enable users to monitor node and network performance.

Hyperledger Indy:

Hyperledger Indy is a distributed ledger. It is mainly purpose-built for decentralized identity. This technology provides various useful tools, libraries, and reusable components. These are very beneficial for creating independent digital identities. It also enables users to use the identities rooted on blockchains or other distributed ledgers.

It is actually a project under the umbrella project of Hyperledger blockchain, which is purely backed by the Linux Foundation.

Features of Hyperledger Indy:

Self-sovereignty: This is a top feature of Hyperledger Besu. The artifacts of Hyperledger Indy include cryptographic accumulators. It also includes proof of existence, public keys, and many more. This feature protects the identity of the distributed ledger. Only the developer of the ledger can change the identity of the distributed ledger.

Privacy: Hyperledger Indy provides and preserves all the privacy and security in a decentralized system.

Purpose-built: The purpose-built of Hyperledger Indy is only for decentralized identities. It enables users to use the platform ready for integration in any company that deals with identities.

Verifiable claims: Hyperledger Indy provides an easy-to-use single ID. This single iID is then used for identification for the ledger. It offers hassle-free and authentic verification without lots of verification processes.

Identity Correlation-resistant: This is another excellent feature of Hyperledger Indy. This technology is entirely identity correlation-resistant. So the distributed ledger will not allow or connect two IDs on the platform. This provides more security to the ledger.

Decentralized Identifiers: All the decentralized identifiers of the Hyperledger Indy are globally resolvable. So all the decentralized identifiers will have a unique identifier that will only belong to the user. This feature solves the identity theft problem.

Zero-knowledge proofs: This feature allows the user to disclose only the required information. So when any user needs to prove their credential, they can only choose the required information. This gives extra control over the distributed ledger platform to the user.

Peer-to-peer connection: Hyperledger Indy has a peer-to-peer connection on its platform. Here two peers can have conversations. And they do not need the middleman service of the server.

To develop any solution-based distributed ledger system, users need to choose Hyperledger Indy. And to develop any public network use cases by leveraging the Ethereum public network, they need to choose Hyperledger Besu. Both technologies are beneficial for different works. So people need to choose carefully which technology will be beneficial for their job.


Hyperledger has many different projects. And at present, it is also becoming a mainstream technology. Because of this, people are doing hyperledger fabric courses. Hyperledger Indy and Hyperledger Besu both have their unique features. They are part of the same hyperledger technology, yet they are way different from each other. Both Hyperledger Indy and Hyperledger Besu have different usability and goals. Their working methodology and algorithms are also different from each other. So people need to choose Hyperledger Indy and Hyperledger Besu depending on their requirements.

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