What Happens When Millions of Crypto Users Meet The Future of Digital×Entertainment?

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Amazing things!

A few days ago, I wrote an article about how a “Blockchain-Linked Game Could Be Crypto’s First Game Changer” as I want to be a part of their greater mission to spread freedom of money from the conventional game industry. Today, digital gaming accounts for 87 percent of the industry’s $108.9 billion annual revenue. Yet as digital disruption continues, I believe that games which “aim to change the rules from the ground up by creating a stir in the game industry and the financial world” will thrive significantly.

Redefining the value of what you like

Within its months of launch, DEA Project has been creating a brand-new monetization scheme to attract as many users as possible thanks largely to its highly innovative PlayMining platform which utilizes blockchain technology. DEAPcoin, a proprietary utility token issued by DEA Project, has been tremendously growing from its consecutive listings to several renowned exchanges like Bittrex Global, Bithumb Global, and OKEx.

As I stated from my previous article, giving it additional gateways amongst Western/Asian investors and traders, I think the project could truly increase their global coverage as both regions have enormous gaming communities. With the project’s unique aim to provide an unprecedented ecosystem and world concept in which users can earn money (cryptocurrencies) in exchange for playing games and reading comics, perhaps renowned cryptocurrency exchanges that are very much steered towards American/Asian markets wouldn’t hesitate to list DEAPcoin (DEP).

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From a simple spot exchange to becoming a specialized one, KuCoin is one of the most used global exchanges with 5 million users from 207 countries and regions. Having grown into a comprehensive financial service platform, it offers a series of financial services like fiat-to-crypto, crypto-to-crypto, futures, staking, borrowing, token launch, and more. I think KuCoin has been doing well in all of the points and has been kept so low key and modest. In defining the exchange’s compliance and competence, it is renowned in terms of globalization, volumes & pairs, security, tech, and reputation. Take for example, its recent launch of the 6th Spotlight project — LUKSO.

LUKSO, founded by the godfather of Ethereum ICO Fabian Vogelsteller, although very selective as to where they’ll hold their initial exchange listing, entrusted KuCoin as a perfect place for IEO. Despite IEOs mediocre results in the overall history and the exchange’s recent domain hurdle, the platform still thinks that KuCoin is one of the most reliable and strongest exchanges.

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Huobi has made great strides to bring an excellent product for fiat, spot, and contract trading to its network users. Since 2013, Huobi has been among the major crypto-currency exchanges and established a decent record in that period. One of the largest digital asset trading platforms globally, I think Huobi is the go-to place for high volume traders. Huobi’s performance is average, due to the many allegations; Nevertheless, they do manage to attract significant volumes to their platform and many of the trading pairs they offer high trading activity compared to other exchanges.

Furthermore, as the exchange is increasing its endeavors to further grow HT’s (Huobi Token) usefulness beyond the exchange ecosystem, the token has become the first international exchange token authorized by Japan (FSA). With Japan regarded as one of the most rigorous and diligent regulatory bodies fostering progress within the crypto-monetary environment, perhaps this approval represents yet another significant milestone for Huobi’s constant efforts towards global compliance and competence.

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Again, DEA is trying to overturn the old preconception “P2W” as it builds out a platform based on the principle of “having fun while making money” through the use of games and other entertainment mediums. Honestly, it was the only single game I found that utilizes blockchain in a way that is better than using a simple database setup or other existing solutions. I just think such methods to extend the platform’s presence, no matter in technology or business, are always helpful to attract more user traction, and that will ultimately lead to fundamental improvement. Who knows? We might see the tremendous growth there sooner than expected.

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