Whales Activity in THORChain

We are gonna analyze which pools are the wallets that own 10k+ RUNE currently LP-ing to.

To do that, we will compute the total addresses that currenlty have more than 10k RUNE. Then, we will need to obtain in which pools are they looping to. If we use both tools “transfers and liquidity_actions” into Flipside Crypto sql ecosystem, we can obtain the table below.

If we take a look on it, we can see each unique whale with the pool that they are looping to, but we cannot observe any feature to highlight or to analyze. For that reason, we will need to obtain how many of the “whales” are looping to each wallet specifically, in order to receive which pools are experiencing a major activity.

In the followng link , you can see how I compute it via Flipside Crypto sql command: whale activity | Flipside Crypto

The chart below represents a bar plot of each pool with its corresponing number of whales that are currently looping to it. If we take a look on it, we can observe that the major of the whales are looping to many pools. However, we can highlight the top 5, which have more than 50 unique whales looping to it: ETH-THOR, ETH-ETH, BTC-BTC, ETH-XRUNE and BNB-BUSD.

Regarding the results, I can highlight as well the important number of whales looping to THORChain tokens THOR and XRUNE, both from respect to ETH.

Author: Adrià Parcerisas
Notion username: adriaparcerisas
Discord: adriaparcerisas#5642

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