Weekly Recap Of The Crypto Market: Ripple got its 2nd rank back, HyperCash, Chainlink.

The first week of 2019 was great for the crypto market. We saw an increase in the prices of many coins, Bitcoin and Ethereuem had one of their best weeks and we thought that the market crash has had finally ended. However, this week was disastrous, most of the crypto-currencies were affected by this crash, so there was a reduction in the market cap and the prices of many coins. In this week’s recap, we are going to include those coins that were more or less were not affected by this crash.

Ripple (XRP)
Although Ripple was affected by this crash. It was worth mentioning that Ripple got its 2nd rank back in the market capitalization within one week only. As of today (13/Jan/2019) Ripple has a market cap of 13,647,555,091 USD and a price of 0.332 USD. This means that both of Ripple’s price and market cap have got plummeted by approximately 9%. And because of this crash, Ethereum’s price got lower by about 20%, so Ripple got back up by one rank.

HyperCash (HC)
HC or HyperCash was one of the fewer crypto-currencies that were not affected by the market crash. It started its week with a price of 0.935 USD and a market cap of 40,716,493 USD. Until January 11, HC had an increasing graph, then after that, it got little lower, but it found its way up again. On January 12, it had its highest price of the week (which was 1.92 $), however, after January 12, its price got reduced and as of today, HyperCash has an estimate of 1.46$ and a market cap of 63,760,835 USD, which is an increase of 56% from the start of the week.

Chainlink (Link)
Chainlink was actually affected by the market crash but has recovered from it as well. Link had a great start this week, within two days it got a boost of 9% which brought its price to 0.4343 USD. But as other coins, on January 10 its price started to go down as well and its lowest price of the week was on this day too (0.3465$). The recovery of Chainlink began soon after the crash, and as of January 12, it had its highest price of the week, which was 0.463 USD. It closed its week with a value of $0.41 and a market cap of $146,660,841.

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