Weekly Crypto News – Nov III, 2018

At the time I found my interest for blockchain, started following Nxt and began writing newsletters, Nxt’s potential almost seemed absurd to me. I fell in love with the idea of cheap cross border transactions 24/7, decentralization, “banking” the unbanked, and then, as Nxt evolved, with the DNS alias system, p2p crowdfunding, pegged coins, ICO’s on the decentralized asset exchange, dividend payments, the p2p marketplace, earning (forging) interest inside an energy efficient PoS blockchain system, opposed to paying interest for keeping your hard-earned savings in a bank.

Nxt was 3rd on CoinMarketCap — all top 25 “assets” were running on Nxt. Every blockchain developer knew Nxt, still does. It was absurd that the “crypto” media ignored it. And then, the absurdity of Nxt clones raising millions in ICO’s, leading to a Nxt community split, where most turned their back on the leaders of blockchain innovation, just as they spawned Ardor’s scalable parent-child chain architecture. The absurd silence from Jean-Luc. The absurd feeling when the core devs incorporated the project we had all worked on. We agreed it was necessary to obtain the impossible — standing up against the well-funded white papers and their smaller visions.

It was absurd to discuss a Nxt and Ardor “killer app”. A new Silk Road? It’s done. CryptoKitties? All it did was stress test Ethereum and show its shortcomings. Nxt and Ardor themselves are the killer apps. The absurdity of developers insisting on re-inventing the wheel. The absurdity of mainstream media and 3rd party devs waiting for Buterin to switch Ethereum into PoS and solve its scalability issues when a smarter solution is running in production. The absurdity of “experts” insisting that blockchains aren’t usable IRL yet when in fact Dominium, Mobs, Triffic, EZYcount, Jelurida, show the opposite.

The absurdity of 2 ego-maniacs destroying everything we’ve bled to build, all of us in this cryptospace, them fighting a hash-war that only serves to show that PoW has become a centralized joke. Who wants to use a publicly controlled PoW blockchain after this? The absurdly large gap between inventors and investors. The absurd in making an investment without understanding the nature of it; that a coin is not a stock. The ultra absurd animosity towards people that lost money in the crash. The clash of cultures. In the Want against the Need. In the I against the Us.

The absurdity of prices. The absurdism of governments saying they don’t want to stifle innovation, while at the same time they crack down hard because they try to fit a disruptive emerging tech with an inbuilt new token economy system into the only boxes they know — that of utility tokens and security tokens. Of useless tokens being pumped.

The absurdity of blockchain tokens being held on exchanges. The absurdity of a technological revolution so tightly interwoven with money that devs can’t change the technology for the better, because of too many interests involved that don’t give a shit about tech and society, but about making hard cash. The absurdity of seeing businesses that can benefit from using a blockchain give up their business plans because they fear sudden legal consequences of using tokens. The absurdity of banks laundering billions of dollars, printing unbacked money to earn interest from the poor, crashing economies, passing the bill to their victims, protected, because they sponsor the politicians who do not want to “stifle innovation” as long as they can stay in control, protecting the dysfunctional system. Grow, expand, take more of the world, make more money and hide it — oh you jolly 1%, it’s impossible. Because innovation can’t be stopped. The absurdity of punishing whistleblowers. We are coming.

We thank you, for letting us take you through another productive week that was;

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> Events!

The first Ardor hackathon is ongoing, and the Lightweight Contracts UI got an overhaul. In the meantime, Jelurida is tirelessly representing Ignis, Ardor, and NXT around the world

> Ardor Updates 3

Ardor Updates is a video series that summarizes the most important events of the month. Here’s October/early November.


> Nxter Puzzle: A Week With Elizabeth

This week, the director of the Ardor & Nxt Group (ANG) tweet words that can give you access to a NxterPuzzle account with 300 IGNIS. But there’s a second chance to win if you don’t get to the Twitter prize account first.

> A Lightweight Contracts Course

Eric Funk is back with another Ardor course on Udemy! This time about the Lightweight Contracts system, and how to use it. Watch it now — it’s free.

> Collect Creatures

Tarasca DAO is tokenizing a collection of cards called “Mythical Creatures of the World”, which will be available, tradable and playable on Ignis. Here they share their methods and research.

> A Blockchain Reputation System

Blockchains should solve problems, not create them. On the decentralized market scammers can have a very profitable ball, therefore a Reputation System is in the works. Lior Yaffe explains how it will be integrated into Ardor.


> Triffic

Triffic will pay you GPS tokens for travelling, doing favors, and going on scavenger hunts. Local businesses can take advantage of its Augmented Reality features to create cool loyalty programs. An Ignis based token powers it.

> Bitswift

The Bitswift team airdrops CASH, BITS, and the scrypt-based CDN digital currency as part of their community-driven basic income experiment, which takes place on an Ardor child chain.


Bring on the video disruption


> Ryacoin Snapshot and Principles

The snapshot has taken place, and the RYA airdrop to NXT holders will be distributed when they launch their main net. Whether you participated or not — read up on their philosophy and principles. Help establish a stable decentralized monetary system based on a “Proof of Trust” algorithm, not fiat.

This week’s Nxt and Ardor news update was first published in Nxter Magazine. Translations are published as they come in — Spanish | Russian | Chinese | Korean

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