Uncertainty — Now You Can Handle It

Uncertainty — Now You Can Handle It

Are you sure?

“Nothing in the world causes as much misery as uncertainty” — Martin Luther

It seems the world has never been more uncertain than it is today.

Every area of life is affected.

From the investor who doesn’t know whether his stocks will be crashing tomorrow, the crypto fan who isn’t sure whether to buy more or keep HODLing, to the truck driver who comes across that AI-powered truck that is replacing him fast.

All of these areas are deeply interconnected — and rightfully they should be.

The feeling of being trapped can be overwhelming. What do you do if you are invested in the S&P, bought into Ethereum, or just landed a job at that haulage company on a short-term contract?

The problem is that most of us are paralyzed into indecision — and this uncertainty and indecision can bleed into other situations.

It can affect our families and our relationships with them — deeply.

Anger and frustration can well up and, without really knowing why the anger can become overwhelming.

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Shuffling feet

We all recognize the outward signs of uncertainty to a degree.

The bitten nails, the frowning, the constant and repeated asking of questions for reassurance, the tapping of the pen on the desk, the tilting of your head from side to side — weighing up options — followed by a long sigh, an impatient huff, or swallowing.

With uncertainty, the mind races through endless possibilities — turning over scenario on “scenarios” — leaving you feeling flustered and second-guessing your own decisions.

All the psychology and pep-talks in the world won’t take away…

… that nagging feeling of doubt.

This is especially so if it is you alone taking on the decision. Somehow, if the outcome is shared, the pressure is lifted.

So — how can you resolve this and get back on track?

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Information is key …

One of the major factors in any situation of uncertainty — is not knowing the facts.

Being unaware of some crucial piece of the jigsaw you are building in your head could mean the difference between a resigned sense of desperation and a committed change of direction.

Either way, knowledge is the key here.

History is replete with examples of knowledge leading straight to success.

From “The Art Of War” by Sun Tzu — right up to “The Ellipsis Manual” by Chase Hughes — advanced knowledge, strategies, and forward planning have always led to positive outcomes.

Interestingly, in chapter one of “The Art of War,” Sun Tzu describes the effects of deception. He says that it is invisible — and this invisibility makes it both powerful and dangerous.

Bringing subterfuge and trickery up to date also happens to be the modern phenomenon of “fake news.”

This has gained traction in recent years following scandals involving foreign governments using social media and the internet to spread propaganda and lies to sway election results and public opinion in a wide variety of issues.

Fake news is everywhere these days — and by definition — it is based on deception.

It is responsible for some of the most catastrophic decisions of recent times — it is a political football which is being thrown around by politicians throughout the world — and used as an excuse for good and bad decisions alike.

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Timely, well-informed and accurate.

Knowing that the source of your information is true and reliable is crucial to overcoming uncertainty.

Julius Ceasar, Napolean Bonaparte, and General Eisenhower all knew about the importance of the above.

They had spies everywhere, relaying the enemy troop positions, numbers and other background information to their command posts. In this way, they knew that any action they took stood the best chance of a favorable outcome in any given situation or set of circumstances.

In other words — they removed the uncertainty …

Rather than guessing, or collecting second-hand intelligence — they knew exactly what was happening on the ground.

Their modern equivalents use drone surveillance systems and satellite imagery — but the purpose is still the same — taking away doubt.

So how can you take control?

Becoming a data-driven investor

Data, intelligence, knowledge, facts, perspectives — call it what you will — are vital if you want to be effective in navigating through an uncertain world.

Investor — whether you invest your money in markets, or invest your time and life into learning and thinking about something, you are converting your limited resources into a potential stake in the future.

That is also why DDI implies a lot more than we think.

If you are involved in:

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning
  • Coding and Software Development
  • Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and Smart Contracts
  • Economics, Finance and Markets
  • Entrepreneurship and Personal Growth

You need to be able to tap into the latest developments news, industry trends, pain points, top-notch training, and events in your sector.

You need to surround yourself with the right people — the experts, the like-minded, the curious, and the courageous.

DDI has all that planned out for you in our unique plan of actions — it is a global tech community committed to shortening the path of discovery of insights, from where it happens (i.e. hidden value), to where the price eventually is. The world, with its layers and layers of unneeded entities, people, and agency problems,

  • has made it tough for average people to know what counts;
  • has made it unfair for the brilliant and curious minds to collaborate on the essentials;
  • has created the issues that stand in the way of genuine progress of civilization.

We will remove all the hurdles for investors (i.e. the financial investors, learners, and do-ers).

DDI — A dependable, trustworthy and honest source you needed to make sure you have an objective and accurate assessment of WTF is going on.

Data Driven Investor — or DDI — is exactly that source.

Do you remember your first smartphone? Do you remember finding out it had a torch — and wondering why a phone would need a torch?

Same for a myriad of innovations, which you wish you knew their social and behavioral implications even a few months ahead of time.

Refuse to be confused?

With Data Driven Investor you will discover the how’s and why’s of technology as it happens. We combine it with common-sense economics and market knowledge to help you make the most clear-headed and best moves.

Not just that. Be the first to learn about and participate in our upcoming community-driven projects and events at major cities around the world. With over 2000 expert contributors and a global editorial team, you will be putting yourself at the right place and with the right people where changes happen first.

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