U Got the power! Why U Got will be a great for U Network.

In case you don’t realise, I am a big fan of U Network. I outlined reasons why in another article I have wrote on Medium. Though there are other content based crypto projects out there, U Network, to me at least, stands out from the crowd. Whilst others focus on just their own problems to solve, UUU (their native token) have delved deeper. Why solve your own problem of adoption, when you can help the whole crypto/blockchain space? Introducing U Got.

U Got is effectively a bounty platform that any new or existing token can use to promote their product or service. U Got will allow any project to engage the platform to run a designated task, i.e. a Twitter campaign for example, and will be able to reward great content providers — measured on likes, retweets, comments etc, in addition to allowing the relevant project to reward participants who bring new community members to their project through the use of referral links.

The U Got platform is still in development, currently in beta testing until 7 November. There is a strong community behind this platform working though any potential issues before is released to the blockchain community.

So why do I think U Got will be great for U Network?

  • It provides an additional use case for the UUU token. Whoever wants to use the U Got platform will need to pay UUU to use it,
  • The close crypto/blockchain community will be able spread awareness of the industry and projects using the flagship U Got platform, and
  • Will assist in fuelling mass adoption for blockchain and cryptocurrency generally.

I strongly recommend for all to look into the U Got platform as well as following UNetwork Editor on Medium, Twitter and join the Telegram channel. Links to all are found on the U Network website — u.network.

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