Two Charts That Show Developers Moving to Blockchain

tl;dr: Despite all of the down news regarding prices, developers are making a march of the penguins towards decentralized technologies. This is a very positive leading indicator.

Demi Brener was one of the first people I met when I began my foray into crypto. He’s also one of the original contributors to Blockchains in the Mainstream, the first e-book that NSM put out on the topic. He’s been in the industry for a long time and leads the well-respected Zeppelin team.

In late December, he published his State of Crypto: 2018 Market Trends report and there were some good nuggets in there.

Two graphs in particular, however, jumped out at me.

The first, below, was one Solidity package downloads by developers who want to learn to write dapps on Ethereum. The second was the number of new dapps released each month.

I think these charts are extraordinary and it tells a story that is lost while the rest of the world focuses on depressed crypto prices and SEC enforcement actions on scam ICOs.

The story it tells is that developers are migrating to crypto. They are engaging, learning, testing, and deploying.

Somewhere in these charts is a crypto-Facebook, a crypto-Amazon, a crypto-Netflix…the titans of the Web 3.0 wave. Finding them is a different story, but the history of innovation shows that as more efforts are made, many will fail, but the overall chances for success (however you define it) increases.

This also doesn’t bode well for the existing tech giants.

They have a ton of money, but if this trend continues, the developers who make these giants work won’t be as plentiful as they once were.

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