Travel through time, make it better

Overview of the article

Ø Travelers is a TV series by ‘showcase’, broadcast on ‘Netflix’. It is about the ‘time travelers’ from the future, coming back to current time, on earth.

Ø These ‘travelers’ come back from time to ‘undo’ or to ‘alter’ some events or incidents, which had caused, collectively, the earth to be affected from a mass destructive social disaster.

Ø By altering these incidents, the ‘travelers’ save the earth. The chain of event, causing mass destruction and killings, get broken, because of which, several disasters get ‘undone’ in the history.

Ø The disaster of watching an ICO going successful after one has lost the opportunity to invest in it, and the crowdsale gets over, has to be undone by ICOPremier.

Ø ‘Team of Initial Investors’ had bought the bulk and after it gets successful, they are clearing the stock, making ‘marginal profits’ for all they give away. Economically, a ‘sure profit’ game is on here.

I was finding out some ‘science-fiction’ videos a couple of days before, when I came across a name, ‘TRAVELERS’. This is a ‘sci-fi’ TV series, has been broadcasted on ‘NETFLIX’. It is a production of ‘SHOWCASE’. It is a joint production, as it seems.

The TV series is about the future human society, sending the conciousness of ‘specialists’ of the future, to the current year, 2018. They call this century, the ‘twenty-first’. These specialists were trained to perform different tasks, and had different specialities hence. One could remember everything, the other is a mechanical gem, one is a doctor cum biologist, one is a strategist, then a fighter and many others. These specialists were given different tasks, when they travel back through time, to today’s reign, to re-write the happenings on the earth, to make sure that the chain of events that gets started, and which eventually changes the course of happenings, doesn’t happen the way it did.

All these efforts were made to prevent the planet from ‘post-apocalyptic’ future, where those ‘travelers’ came back in the time from. The residents at that time didn’t want the earth to be that ‘wasted’. They want to alter the past, to alter the ‘present’ of that time. On international scales, the changes in different events, were to be made, by these ‘specialist’ travelers.

From the beginning, these ‘travellers’ have been projected as ‘heroes’. They all had different ‘skill-sets’, to accomplish their assigned targets, and they use to ‘alter’ the ‘subtle’ events, which created very diversified effects on the greater picture eventually. These ‘travellers’ have been saving the ‘world’ from getting ‘destroyed’.

ICOPremier has a similar concept of ‘going back in time’ and invest in the ‘already successful’ ICOs. The ‘initial-investors’ of ICOs in the panel, are re-selling the bulk bought tokens, after they have performed successful in the crowd sales. They are not on the exchange yet, and once they are, they will give an exponential growth to the investment. The ‘travellers’ are saving the world ‘economically’ here. Success percentage is 100 already and there is nothing to be done except sit on the recliner, just keeping an eye, waiting for the time to sell that out, or to keep for long-term.

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