Top tech trends in 2019

Top tech trends in 2019

Technologies are evolving and improving. So these changes that have been achieved turn our lives upside down. Naturally, next year’s trends are based on last year’s trends. But, of course, there are additions in 2019. Trends for the coming year are a kind of compass for companies and organizations which develop business.
According to Headhunter forecasts, these will be at the peak of popularity in the next year:

AI Entertainment

  1. AI Music Installations
  • At the 2018 SXSW event in Austin, Texas, HAKUHODO i-Studio and Yamaha showed off a dynamic music installation that incorporates artificial intelligence.The interactive music installation is designed to give people the experience of feeling as though they are “playing with another musician.
  • SONY CSL Researchers Created ‘Daddy’s Car’ Using Algorithms.In fact, the company had already created an AI system that reworks classical music into modern pop artists’ styles (such as the Beatles.) ‘Daddy’s Car,’ however, is the first completely original pop song to be composed by a machine.

2. Heart Rate Musical and Movie-Making Apps

  • Startup neuromusic Allows Users to Create Music With Their Heart Rate. Currently in beta, the new venture allows users to create music with their heartbeat and neuromusic’s AI technology. You simply place your finger on the camera and press the button, and it will check your “vibes and heart rate” to create shareable beats based on your vitals.
  • Flo is a Free Video Editing App That Uses Machine Learning and AI. The AI app uses machine learning to determine what is happening in your videos and will create movie-like video stories you can share with other people out of the raw footage.

3. AI Co-Written Feature Films
The Horror Movie ‘Impossible Things’ Is the First AI-Generated Film. By using AI to help generate the film they’re aiming not only to make a truly scary horror film but also one that is a success in the box office. The use of AI in feature films could increase the profitability of movies because it would generate plots that are sure to intrigue the audience based on data analytics.

4. Intelligent Workplace Assistants
Over the past few years, consumers have come to know Amazon Alexa as a smart, voice-activated assistant for the home — now, Amazon is introducing Alexa for Business to help execute a variety of tedious tasks. Managing one’s calendar, scheduling a meeting or booking a conference room are simple, essential parts of organizing one’s day, but these small tasks can add up and eat away at one’s time.



5. Blockchain Marriage Platforms.
Björn Borg launched a digital platform called “Marriage Unblocked”. This digital platform makes it possible for anyone to propose, exchange vows and get married on blockchain. Whether one makes this commitment anonymously or publicly, the blockchain-based platform offers a way for data to be securely stored forever — without religious or state approval.

6. Blockchain Produce Packaging and QR Labels

  • Walmart and IBM are working collaboratively to create more transparency in the food industry, and are using a new blockchain-powered labeling system to do so. This means that if a consumer becomes infected with E.Coli that’s traced to a particular produce, the company would quickly discover where the batch came from and where else it has been shipped to.
  • The blockchain-based solution takes the form of a QR code that can be scanned to provide consumers with a complete overview of the product’s journey.

7. Blockchain Ticketing Systems
Aventus is a start-up that is attempting to solve one of the biggest problems within the world of ticket sales, which is that tickets often go quickly, forcing fans to pay high prices on secondary markets and reward scalpers. With Aventus, tickets are given a unique ID that limits the use of a ticket to a single person.

8. Blockchain-Powered VR Concerts
The virtual reality company CEEK is updating its software to include Blockchain technology (Blockchain-powered VR platform) to enable artists to sell unlimited tickets to their concerts. Through this service, consumers can use digital tokens to purchase tickets to the live virtual reality concert, while other ticket holders can opt for the in-person event.

9. Blockchain-Powered Board Games
The Blok.Party Playtable is an interesting piece of tech that capitalizes on the board game boom and innovates it with blockchain technology. The system can currently run board games like Catan, Ticket to Ride and Texas Hold ’Em, and also features a bespoke game called Battlegrids. The blockchain tech also eliminates the need to keep track of complex rules as the Blok.Party Playtable records and saves every move.

Cryptocurrency Culture


10. Direct Cryptocurrency Messages
Platforms are beginning to recognize that in order to flourish, they need to provide avenues for streamers and influencers to earn money, but Crypto DM is a tool that can supplement for the platforms that aren’t doing a good enough job. The messaging system lets fans send creators, streamers, and influencers payments through the Ether cryptocurrency.

Omnipresent Security


11. Facial Recognition Doorbells
The Wisenet SmartCam D1 Alerts Users of Guests or Intruders. Packed with facial recognition technology, the doorbell is able to automatically detect visitors to let you know when a certain friend or family member stops by.

12. Biometrics

  • Dubai Airport’s Security Checkpoints Will Employ Facial Recognition. It is estimated that 124 million travelers will pass through Dubai airports by 2020 and this new system is set to modernize the current security checkpoints in place.
  • The Horizon Robotics HD smart camera has been unveiled by the brand as a new piece of equipment that would enable home owners to maintain an enhanced level of security unlike ever before.

Marketing insights


13. Content Creator Crowdfunding Apps

  • ‘Peep’ is a new mobile app that enables users to support social media content creators in order to help them maintain the ability to post. Working like a crowdfunding app, ‘Peep’ allows fans of online influencers to make monthly pledges that get rewarded in the form of live video broadcasts.
  • A Dallas-based startup called ‘RewardStyle’ is helping bloggers and influencers make money off their online activity. This platform helps influencers profit from their content by helping them earn cash for the sales their posts inspire.
  • The Brave web browser is a new open-source platform that is starting to attract many YouTubers in the wake of the website’s revised community guidelines. Unlike other browsers though, Brave was built to block intrusive ads and create a less chaotic online experience (

Authors: Valeria Mingova & Alexandra Ryabtseva

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