Companies are screaming out for these new skills. Entrepreneurs are doing incredible things with Blockchain expertise. Did you know that Serbia has the biggest amount of Blockchain developers in the world? And there’s so much untapped potential out there.

Did you ever hear something long before it exploded into everyday life.. but didn’t do anything with it. When you saw the IT revolution, mobile apps etc. Maybe you kicked yourself for not paying attention to Facebook, Google or Amazon. Or maybe it was more recently, when disruptive technologies like Blockchain transformed our lives forever?

Most people will soon be adding another thing to this “What IF” LIST-one that could be just as transformative as any of those. The US State Department has declared it “ has the potenital to become the transformative technology of our lifetime”. What is that Blockchain? It’s going to revolutionize everything. Above all, it’s going to consign entire business models to the history. If there is one phenomenon that has the potential to alter the way people live and interact, it is Blockchain. Why is there such a buzz generated by it’s application.

“With education, these Blockchain pioneers will shape society and leave their mark. For those who learn, harness and use this new technology, the opportunities are endless. Joining companies like IBM or Microsoft, desperately looking for the skills you possess to drive the next generation of innovative ideas.

  • Utilizing the technology for yourself as a digital entrepreneur, creating disruptors that cut out middlemen and topple outdated business models
  • Learning the secrets of cryptocurrencies and Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) to help frame your investment decisions
  • Taking action to understand a technology that’s driving the world deep into the 21st century

As one of the rare pioneers who truly understands and can use Blockchain, you hold the map to all of these opportunities — and more.” (Kiril Eremenko)



Yes, you read this right, the most patronized sector in the world is about to undergo fundamental changes. And I am really happy that now I am not working as an economist in a bank. 🙂

Already Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency under the Blockchain framework, is gathering steam as a preferred means of a settlement with low transaction fees.


Worried about your medical history falling into the wrong hands?

Fret no more because many medical institutions are making the switch to blockchain technology.


Tired of fake news? Feel aggrieved about the intellectual theft that goes on unabated?

Then you should have hope in a new order as media outlets and institutions embrace blockchain technology in the management, authentication and appropriate reward for creativity across the news and entertainment sectors.


Human errors, sharp practices and the adverse impact of processes may soon be confined to the bin of history, with the total use of blockchain technology.

With this system, companies and businesses can document transactions and stock levels in a decentralized repository, for a secure and transparent monitoring.


The real estate sector suffers from the activities of fraudulent individuals, who commit crimes and swindle people of hard-earned money in phony property deals.

Blockchain technology sounds the death knell on such activities with greater transparency in transactions, ease of authentication of title documents as well as the speedy transfer of property deeds.


Crowdfunding has enjoyed huge patronage as a credible means of funding business start-ups.

However, they charge high transaction fees, with cases of understatement of funds raised. Blockchain will come to the rescue, giving users the opportunity to receive value (funding) from the trust earned by participating in a blockchain transaction.


Blockchain makes it possible for us to enjoy a retail system where buyers and sellers interact without the need for a middleman and incident fees.

The trust quotient needed for a retail transaction comes from the transparent networks, built on a decentralized system that affords great accountability and security of exchange.


You can look forward to the day blockchain technology enables decentralized and transparent access to past court judgments/rulings as well as structured documentation of titles, ownership, and other deeds; public information like marriage and death certificates; and specifics concerning intellectual property rights.

In other words, electronic legal ledgers, free from manipulation and undue interference will signal the equality of all before the law!


The bureaucracy of governance engenders inefficiency, corruption, and tardiness in discharging responsibilities towards citizens. With blockchain technology, governments can now extensively reduce the cost of service delivery, engender transparency as well improve the security of government activities.


Receive a boost in your trust in the insurance industry, as blockchain technology gains a foothold in that sector. The open nature of blockchain will ensure that vital data like your identity are stored in safe repositories along with other confidential data. A eternity leads the way in the development of a blockchain platform for the insurance industry.


So there you have it, your own list of Industries Blockchain Will Disrupt, and those who will feel the cataclysmic effects of the blockchain technology in banishing borders and making the world a safer and a more equitable place to live. All you can do is to embrace and flow with the tide, and here, we equip you to go all the way, learning more about Blockchain, and how it will make an impact on YOUR industry. To do less is to deny oneself of the many opportunities and challenges that come from adopting Blockchain technology.

Until next time happy analyzing,


Used texts from Super Data Science, Kiril Eremenko.

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