Top 10 Smart Contract Development Companies

Top 10 smart contract development companies

The quest for the list of the top 10 smart contract development companies might just end here. It is a simple initiative from our end to educate our readers looking for smart contract development. There are several advantages associated with smart contract programming which basically empowers to trade cash, property, shares, or anything of significance in a very simple way while keeping you from obligatory restrictions from a middleman. The concept of middlemen or service mediators/aggregators is different from the conventional definition of a middleman. They will simply mediate a service and deduct a service fee against the same.

The innovation of smart contracts has totally changed the landscape and gives you the freedom to typecast a suitable business solution aligned perfectly with the architecture of your business. Below is a list which will help you get the necessary information and guidance on the same platform.

Solulab Inc

Description: This Gujarat based company was started by the ex-vice president of Goldman Sachs and the ex-principal software architect of Citrix. The enterprise offers full stack 360 degree solutions to enterprises, startups, and entrepreneurs helping turn their ideas into reality with top notch end products. the company specializes in helping its clients dominate the business landscape with decentralized blockchain development solutions.

Products: Blockchain, Mobile App Development, Chatbot Development & iOT

Company Size: 40 plus


Description: The Ukrainian company helps in the digital transformation of businesses with expert software engineering and consulting services. They have already offered value driven innovation to a number of Fortune 500 companies which were suffering from several constraints pertaining to their business model. This IT giant is backed by a huge workforce comprising 1400 plus working professional operating from Delivery Centers spread out across Eastern Europe and Sales offices in the United States.

Products: POC Development, Application Development, Application Re-Engineering, Product Design

Company Size: 150 plus

HashCash Consultants

Description: California based HashCash Consultants is a software company with a global presence and repute. This enterprise offers blockchain driven solution to its clients and helps them achieve flexibility and scalability across multiple platforms like Remittances, Trade Finance, Payment Processing and more. These are real time transactions which were previously under the obligatory contract of third parties. They also run digital asset exchange services, PayBito and digital asset payment processor, BillBitcoins. HashCash steers businesses forward in their journey towards growth and development in limited time constraints.

Products: HC Remit, HC Corporate Payments, PayBito, HC Commerce, ICO Stage, HCX

Company Size: 50 plus


Description: Sumatosoft of Belarus is an expert in web, iOT and mobile. The company specializes in developing challenging and complex projects. Since 2012, the company has been delivering turnkey solutions to leading companies across the globe like Toyota, Evolv, Dragon, Nectarin, Boxforward and others. Being one of the top 10 smart contract development companies, Sumatosoft has successfully implemented innovations in the field of web, iOT and mobile. It is expected to put benchmarks in the field of Smart contract development.

Products: Custom Enterprise Systems, Refrigerator Sensors, Online Food Delivery Platform etc

Company Size: 20 plus

Cyber Infrastructure Inc

Description: As a turnkey IT solutions provider, Cyber Infrastructure Inc of Atlanta, Georgia has the reputation of helping companies achieve success which is immeasurable in terms of their capability to scale business productivity. The company has been involved in the business for the last 12 years. Through a plethora of IT services, the company is delivering optimal solutions to its clients.

Products: ESignly, FreeAsAir

Company Size: 100 plus


Description: The California based enterprise is headquartered in Palo Alto, California. This enterprise simply orchestrates digital transformations which go beyond the general concept of digitization. They help in the adoption of newer technological platforms and untangle business complexity with critical technologies.

Products: Fintech Solutions, E-Commerce Portals, Insurance Apps and Logistics Tracking Systems

Company Size: 50 plus

Leeway Hertz

Description: Leeway Hertz of India is famous for building enterprise grade blockchain applications. They have proven expertise in developing blockchain solutions for the domains of Global Supply Chain, Identity Solution using blockchain and utility bill generation through blockchain. The enterprise has already worked on distributed ledger technology which is inclusive of Hyperledger, Ethereum, Hashgraph and R3Corda.

Products: Ride Sharing Platform, Apparel Solutions, Lending Portals

Company Size: 100 plus

Quest Global Technologies

Description:Quest Global Technologies of Indore is a frontline software development enterprise which works on tailormade ERP solutions, business Mobile Applications, Salesforce and Web Development. Quest Global Technologies has ranked as a top mobile application developer by Appfutura.

Products: Aero Engines, Medical Devices, Power, Rail etc (digital solutions)

Company Size: 200 plus


Description: Ukraine based Company offers solutions on software development, launch and maintenance along with strong depth, understanding and implementation of analytics. Some of the differentiators for this responsible IT services company are 150 plus in house professionals, 90 plus core IT solutions delivered and a customer base spread across 27 plus countries.

Products: UI/UX Design, Software Development, Customary Mobile Apps etc

Company Size: 150 plus

Coin Fabric

Description: The company provides high level APIs and User Interfaces along with cryptocurrency solutions for Bitcoin and Ethereum. The company is based in Argentina and promises to make a mark in the world of blockchain development, AI and iOT.

Products: JesseBot, Agareum, CoinBeat, SpearHead

Company Size: 100 plus

The top 10 smart contract development companies have brought about a trend in digitization which has changed the entire ecosystem for businesses. It has created better opportunities for the businesses by offering the best solutions to their customers through smart contract development. Blockchain technology comes up with a lot of promises for the modern business environment.

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