ThunderCore Blockchain- What makes it unique?

As per the official announcement, On May 9th, Digital asset trading giant Huobi Global will launch Huobi Prime Lite, a streamlined version of Huobi Prime, its innovative premium coin launch platform. The first token that will be up for sales is ThunderToken.

As per Huobi Global CEO Livio Weng

“Prime Lite takes many of the best features of Huobi Prime and adds both a simplified trading flow and a much more frequent launch schedule. This is another big step in our ongoing mission of being as responsive as possible to our users’ needs and providing much needed exposure to deserving projects.”

Let take a short look at the project and what makes it special

ThunderCore is a public, scalable, EVM-compatible blockchain which boasts throughput of 1,200+ TPS, with super fast confirmation, and almost zero gas cost. The blockchain is designed in such a way making it quick and easy for dApps to deploy and scale.

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ThunderCore is designed keeping in mind to improve dApp ecosystem. Currently major of the dApps are hosted in Ethereum like platforms which are plagued by low TPS, scalability issues, slowness which make it cumbersome. As the usage of dApp increases, it leads to substantial gas wars, slow the network to a halt, clogging the network to almost a standstill.

When we are talking about to take blockchain to the next level, the current paradigm needs a total overhaul. We need a blockchain that must be DApp friendly, which has a low gas price, with fast confirmation time, performance oriented, and secured. Enter ThunderCore.

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Rafael Pass and Elaine Shi developed thunder Protocol. They designed the blockchain based on “Thunderella” protocol.

As per the Whitepaper, Thunderella protocol is defined as

Following our Thunderella paradigm , the key idea behind Thunder is to combine a “standard” blockchain — which we will refer to as the slow chain — with an optimistic fast-path. The fast path is coordinated by a new entity referred to as the Accelerator, and requires the use of a committee of “stake-holders”. As long as a) the Accelerator is acting honestly, b) network conditions are good, and c)> 3/4 of the committee are honest, we barely need to use the slow-chain at all; instead, transactions can be confirmed on the fast-path by the committee using an extremely simple and lean fast-path protocol.

This protocol offers both high throughput and instant confirmation of transactions. But the fast-path only confirms new transactions assuming the above mentioned good conditions are met. When they are not (e.g., the Accelerator misbehaves or is under attack), we leverage the “slow chain” to recover in a provably sound manner.

To put in a nutshell, Thunder Protocol has a two-way approach, a “fast-path” and a “slow-chain”. To ensure speed, All transactions are instantly confirmed on the fast-path, if the transaction shows “ good behaviour”. If the chain feels doubtful about a transaction, a corrective mechanism is invoked and the transaction is pushed to the slow-chain, in meantime nodes can continue to communicate and confirm transactions on the slow-chain.

Since every step of Thunder’s consensus protocol is backed by rigorous mathematical proofs. Thunder Protocol is able to achieve both high throughput and fast confirmation that most of the blockchains around.

So, what makes Thunder Protocol special?

  • Migration of dApps with little or no modification
  • Strong team with proven experience.
  • Thunder Testnet is live with a result of 1200 transactions per second with sub-second confirmations operating 100 consensus nodes
  • A new approach to solving current issues faced by blockchain

If you want to have a detailed analysis of the project you can take a look at the review by Boxmining

So, how can you participate?

If you want to participate, all you need is two things

  • Fully verified Huobi Global account
  • Huobi Token (HT) to make purchases.

Unlike Huobi Prime, there is no need for long-term HT holding. All verified Huobi Global users are eligible to make purchases of up to 100 HT. If you are an HT holder, you will be rewarded as well. A purchase over 100HT will require the user to hold certain amounts of HT for a timeframe.

You can read more about the sales rules here

So what are we waiting for?

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