Three Reasons You Need to Start Using Peepeth Right Now.

What is Peepeth?

Peepeth is a decentralized “microblogging” platform similar to Twitter. It is built as a dApp (decentralized app) that utilizes the Ethereum blockchain and IPFS rather than relying solely on a single centralized authority.

There are plenty of Twitter clones out there, but this one is different. Here are three reasons you need to start using Peepeth right now.

Reason #1: Peepeth is Censorship Resistant.

Twitter has developed a notorious reputation for filtering and censoring data in ways that are very questionable. Information does not flow freely. People and opinions are not represented equally. Users who question the status quo seem to mysteriously disappear from everyone’s feed even though Twitter claims that “shadow banning” does not exist. Whether the intent is malicious or a side effect of automated filtration doesn’t matter. The result is widespread censorship on one of the most prominent avenues in social media.

In 2017 Julian Assange said he was looking for a “decentralized / cryptographic alternative to Twitter”. Peepeth is exactly what he asked for.

Peepeth utilizes the Ethereum blockchain and IPFS for all content storage. These are both bleeding edge platforms leading the decentralized and censorship resistant movement. Even if Peepeth was forced by authorities to censor content through their web interface, the content stored on decentralized servers will remain intact, and will always be available through third party clients.

Reason #2: Peepeth Shows how the Current Generation of Distributed Apps Should be Built.

In an ideal scenario, every aspect of a dApp would be decentralized. Attempts to do so have resulted in applications that look and function so horrendously they are doomed to failure. The tech will get there someday, but it just isn’t there yet. We need products that are usable today.

Some dApps require you to be a cryptocurrency expert to be able to use them. Peepeth is not one of them. They have taken a hybrid approach of storing the content in both decentralized servers, and normal centralized servers. The result is a product that carries the benefits of decentralization, and is also highly usable by normal people.

Reason #3: Peepeth Demonstrates the Future of Cryptocurrency.

Satoshi Nakamoto did not intend for cryptocurrency to be a get rich quick pyramid scheme or a store of value with no other purpose. Cryptocurrency was designed to be a replacement for legacy fiat currency with use cases that go far beyond what is utilized today.

Many experts in field have predicted that the success of cryptocurrency will result in nano-transactions, or even streaming money. This means payments for goods and services that cost fractions of a penny or are purchased by the second. Money moving in this fashion is such foreign concept that it’s difficult to even predict how this will manifest itself in the long term.

Nano-transactions may be the future, but they are not here yet. The tech is still evolving, and current tax laws make usage nearly impossible. Using services like Peepeth are a big step forward in both regards. It shows support for real world cryptocurrency use cases, and it shows why our tax laws must change to allow for future innovation.

Bonus Reason: You’re Getting in Early.

Peepeth is brand new. Imagine getting in on Twitter before they hit a million users. If you’re trying to build a social media presence, especially one in the blockchain or cryptocurrency industry, this is a seed you need to plant.

How to Get Started.

Getting started on Peepeth isn’t quite as simple as something like Twitter, but don’t worry, you’ll get the hang of it. There are plenty of guides and people to help you along the way.

Cryptocurrency will help solve many problems that exist today, and will improve the lives of billions of people. It is the future, but it needs our support to become mainstream quicker. Your support of the platform is as simple as being active and involved in any way possible. You are benefiting the entire world by sharing your cat pictures on Peepeth, so keep’em coming!

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