The Meditation of Bitcoin

tl;dr: Unexpected though it may be, the commitment to HODLing Bitcoin during its highly volatile phase could be a pathway to internal calm.

One friend, who has spent years in the tech industry, has now put himself on the path for spiritual awakening.

He recognized that the internal journey is more important than the external one.

Life is more than tech and money.

Over the past few months, he and I have compared notes, ideas, and books that the other has found helpful.

Recently, following a 48 hour period in which the price of Bitcoin went up by nearly 20% and then fell by 14%, I gave him a call.

Self-Actualization Skin in the Game

“If you were going to ‘buy’ your desired spiritual state for an amount of money, how much would that be worth to you?”

I asked him to come up with the number in his head.

He didn’t need to tell me.

What, in his mind (today) was the desired future spiritual calm worth to him?

I know, it’s kind of a self-defeating/ironic idea, but you’ve got to meet people where they are, right?

“Now, take 50% of that amount or more….something that you feel like ‘that’s a nice chunk of money’ and go buy some Bitcoin.”

This guy is not really a Bitcoin believer and I didn’t tell him because I was trying to convert him.

I told him to do it because it would help him in the process of “letting go.”

He knows how volatile Bitcoin is. He knows it might all go to zero.

Heck, I know that…

And that is the point.

The Zen of Bitcoin

There’s a calm I’ve noticed among long-time crypto veterans.

I’m not an expert in population distribution, but I don’t think it’s because that naturally calm people tend to gravitate towards crypto.

However, I do think it could be that the longer you are in crypto, the more Zen/calm, you have to become.

Otherwise, you’ll go crazy.

Elation and depression (I suffered from both of those in late 2017, early 2018) are constant companions….if you let them into your life.

If you allow yourself, and how you feel, to be influenced by something that is external to you such as the price of an asset, you are outsourcing control.

You can’t do that.

You have to stay in control.

Bitcoin, for him, provides a way to practice non-attachment.

He takes something that he traditionally values very highly and puts it in a vulnerable situation, which forces him to come to terms with the possibility that it will all go away.

The Practice of Bitcoin Meditation

There is a core mantra to Bitcoin called “HODL.”

It means “Hold On for Dear Life.”

And it’s a daily practice.

No matter what, you HODL.

Imagine the calm you feel when you just know that.

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