The Future of Cryptocurrency: Why We’ve Never Felt More Confident

The Future of Cryptocurrency: Why We’ve Never Felt More Confident

Whenever you ask someone, “how did you get into cryptocurrency?”, a lot of people can point to some experience or realization that brought them into the space. For me, that moment was the first time that I wrapped my head around Ethereum and the technology that powered it — and it Blew. My. Mind.

Nearly anyone at some time or another acknowledges that the financial system isn’t optimal (to put it lightly) as it often doesn’t service the individual and is profoundly unfair to underprivileged and underserved people around the world. Yet, right in front of me was digital automated trust. It’s a breakthrough that could allow for a truly open, safe and fair financial ecosystem for everyone.

But there were a lot of barriers. My aunt, who wanted to invest in Ethereum very early on, found it very challenging to navigate a developer-centric space. While the technology is revolutionary, it hasn’t had the time to mature and a lot of the infrastructure to build advanced, compliant financial applications simply hasn’t been developed. It was for these reasons that Ethos was born — to remove the technical and design gap that was holding cryptocurrencies back from changing the world.

Fast-forward to today where Ethos has grown into an international movement spanning hundreds of thousands of people in nearly every country on the globe — the future of finance is looking brighter every day. People around the world are mobilized around the “ethos”, if you will, of the philosophies that have driven crypto revolution. Power to the individual. Access for everyone. Control over your digital future.

There will be people who want to take that away. There are people who have vested interests in dampening the technology — as with pretty much any revolutionary technology throughout history. There will be people who are satisfied with the status quo and who think that cryptocurrency is “just tulips” and will “end very badly”, but we who are still here know that this isn’t going to happen.

The people who are still here, who still believe, see the signs of mass adoption and with it, mass change. Big, traditional players are entering the space, albeit through investments in companies like Coinbase and Circle, looking to establish traditional structures in the new and growing space. However, establishing traditional structures means more of the same, from custody relationships with a lack of beneficial ownership rights to financial services reserved mainly for the privileged — all based on centralized profit and socialized risk.

But Ethos flies in the face of those assumptions that this space can’t be any different from the previous. Ethos is not a custodian of your assets. Ethos is not seeking to just service the 1% and provide exclusive services. Ethos truly cares about consumers and investors all around the world. This is why Ethos partnered with a federally regulated FIDUCIARY, Fusion Financial Advisors LLC, that is LEGALLY OBLIGATED to have the best interests of the client in mind. We’ve seen an unbelievable amount of interest from ethical financial institutions looking to enter this space, partner with us and embrace this technology — and it will only grow from there.

The blockchain space is growing faster than ever. Ethos and many other blockchain developers are moving forward with full-force regardless of price and market action. The same way that the first Bitcoin developers were motivated by a philosophy rather than financial incentives, the organizations in this space that are grounded in mission and purpose are the ones that will ultimately pull through trying market conditions.

As these technologies and organizations mature, their real-world use cases will be made manifest, reducing some speculative elements of the market to ground it in the actual performance, utility, form and function of the next-generation of the internet. The progress that you are seeing in Ethos and others organizations is significant as it is the most important thing grounding the foundations of the entire market and should be seen as the greatest source of reassurance.

So while markets may be discouraging, we have never felt more confident in the future of cryptocurrency. The world will see the power and potential of blockchain technology and you can bet your satoshis that we’ll be ready for it.


Shingo Lavine
Founder & CEO

P.S. We highly recommend reading Fusion’s Brochure which contains a wealth of information relating to its activities and relationship with Ethos. Think of this like Fusion’s whitepaper. This is viewable here:

Important Disclosure is affiliated with Fusion, and its parent Fusion US Holdings, by virtue of each being under common ownership and control. Specifically, the controlling interests of both and Fusion US Holdings are held by the same individuals. and Fusion may jointly offer Fusion’s services to the users of the Ethos Platform.

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