The Docuseries — Crossing the Yellow Blocks: bring the vision and discussion of thousands of…

The Docuseries — Crossing the Yellow Blocks: bring the vision and discussion of thousands of decentralized repositories to the big screen.

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology have revolutionized many fields. However, one that remains untapped is the field of film and filmmakers that could be the main solution to generate massive adoption of this technology across society. It is clear that the world of information is the key to reach the entire public, and the blockchain is one more fact. The idea is to create channels to reach people and make them understand and know that there is something as interesting as this technology.

Starting from channels like youtube, it has been proven that creating stories with developers and potential users as active characters is the best way to break down barriers, allowing the general public to easily understand what benefits to expect and how many different implementations are about to change their daily lives. This could be one of the main ways to achieve these goals and create a mass adoption increase.

That’s why today I want to introduce you to The Docuseries and its first project Crossing The Yellow Blocks, a project created to revolutionize the conceptualization, financing and production of films, series and documentaries, which is a “first of its kind” that links the expansion of the overall value of the film industry with the unlimited potential of blockchain.

The first series within the project is “Crossing the Yellow Blocks” (, a ten-part documentary series that explores the significance of blockchain and how this technology is about to impact nearly every aspect of our lives. From the way we work and learn to how we connect or exchange information/ideas. The series also features some of the most familiar faces in the space, including Adam Back, Vinny Lingham, Alexis Sirkia, and Alejandro Regojo among many others.

The idea is to continue to run more series either related to the topic of blockchain learning or other similar topics and the revolutionary sector.

The yellow Dapp
All this will be developed within a dapp “The Yellow Dapp” where all the interaction will take place. Yellow Dapp establishes a collaborative and inclusive environment where different parts of the ecosystem meet around this Ethereum token.

Yellow Dapp is an open-source “partially updatable” Ethereum smart contract that serves as a payment system in itself while managing the liquidity strategy and establishing the financial workflow of the film. The calculations are intended to ensure the holders’ dependence on volume, price and liquidity.
Thanks to this dapp and the project’s native token (which we’ll talk about later) called CBK, Fiat payments will be replaced using Film2market.sol’s robustness functions. Crypto communities looking to be part of the content can use Film2market.sol to purchase CBK tokens.

The Yellow Dapp is designed in a way that meets the entire economic lifecycle of any film production. The proposed film and business model includes reserved slots for exposure to the crypto community. In the episodes of the documentary series, those crypto communities play a key role in the use of CBK tokens by “reserving” those spaces through Dapp.

Primary Distribution
In the film industry, distribution is the process of making a film available for viewing. This first Docuseries will be broadcast in two different formats, and it looks like this will be the case for the following ones:

  • On-demand online platforms: top-tier VOD platforms (Apple TV+, Prime Video, Netflix, Rakuten TV, Google Play Movies, HBO …).
  • Film festivals: Festivals (IDFA, Hot Docs, Sheffield Doc, CPH: DOX…) are one of the key elements of the “Crossing the Yellow Blocks” promotion, to gain exposure, industry feedback and potentially attract token purchases.

CBK Tokenomics
The native token will be $ CBK, which holders can use to enhance The Docuseries experience when interacting with The Yellow Dapp and will be the gas for The Yellow Dapp and The Yellow Shop.
CBK tokens will use the established Ethereum blockchain, allowing token holders to participate in the DeFi marketplace and gain:

  • Access to exclusive CBK merchandising.
  • Exposure in Blockchain projects. Active or passive.
  • A role in community-driven content.
  • A say on the price of the framework on DeFi’s secondary public markets.

Token name: Crossing the Yellow Blocks
Ticker: CBK
Token type: ERC-20
Role of Token: Utility/Voting
Max Supply: 21,000,000 CBK
Initial Value: $0.333

This project is undoubtedly a revolution in the blockchain industry, not only because it is one of the first projects in its subject, but also because it is one of the most real and great options to make the whole society see what blockchain and its industry really is, and it can be a great bridge for the adoption of cryptocurrencies.

In addition, along with its ecosystem and the way to incentivize the platform’s economics through a token, allows The Producer to open up innovative methods and promote the widespread adoption of investments in the entertainment industry.

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