The Blog as Workshop

tl;dr: Not everything that is published is polished. That is by design. You are both witness and co-creator on this journey. Thank you for being here.

I was trading Twitter DMs with my friend, Dan Jeffries.

If you don’t know of Dan’s work, it is definitely worth checking out. He’s a very broad and deep thinker on a variety of topics including crypto and AI.

I had just returned from the Satoshi Roundtable and shared the post with him. He commented on how quickly I had turned it around, sharing that he tends to spend much more time on each piece, refining it.

His love and attention come through in his work, but I pointed out to him that it is all a function of how we each look at our own blogs.

For Dan, the blog is a gallery. It is a place to show his best work.

For me, it is a workshop.

It’s a place where I do my creative thinking. Sometimes it’s great. Sometimes it isn’t.

I just invite others to watch, if they want.

For me, the inspiration of daily blogging has come from greats like Fred Wilson and Seth Godin who have been doing it for years.

It was really informed by a book called The Originals: How Non-Conformists Move the World, however, which stressed the need for commitment to creativity, with the recognition that 99% of the work would be sub-par and 1% would be brilliant.

Hopefully, I can reach that level.

Either way can work and either way is fine. It just depends what you as the blogger, er, artist, want to do with your blog. You just need to be clear about it.

This is my workshop. I’m honored that you are here. In fact, by being here, you make the work better with the questions and comments you ask during the creative process.

I am grateful for that.

If you are more interested in my gallery showings, you can go here.

Thanks for stopping by.

Oh…and it would be great if you told your friends about this place, if you think they might like it as a well.

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