Solidus AI Tech: The World’s First Artificial Intelligence Utility Token

There is no doubt that we are becoming more and more digitized. More and more digital things are coming into play and this has become even more evident after the harsh Covid-10 pandemic. One of the most important points today is artificial intelligence (AI) and automation, there are many advantages within artificial intelligence as well as many tools that are already used in our day-to-day lives and will be used more and more. In fact, this market is expected to grow from around 58 billion today to more than 300 billion in 5 years.

For this reason, more and more resources are needed for these purposes and for research through AI, so new projects and new companies are also needed to expand all its possibilities to the maximum.

So, today I want to introduce you to Solidus AI Tech (, a new project within this field that has managed to design one of the largest high performance computing data centers in Europe that now wants to expand through the creation of an AI infrastructure where companies can easily buy AI services using their new AITECH token, more about it and its benefits later.

So what exactly is Solidus AI Tech?

Solidus Technologies ( is a UK-based technology company that focuses on Blockchain technology and artificial intelligence with the mere goal of building energy-efficient AI HPC data centers that can satisfy the “will but can’t” of computing for most businesses and institutions.

The idea is to reduce computing costs, transforming the way computing and technology activities are organized when combined with scalable tools in order to support and nudge developers to deliver and monetize their applications easily, quickly and securely. In addition, large institutions will also be able to benefit from this as they will have a discounted discount on computing power delivered through the Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platform when using the AITECH token to purchase services.

What fields can AI change and improve?

  • Medicine: Through AI, it will be possible to tailor medicines according to the exact genome of the individual, without having to take them over-the-counter. In other words, from general medicine to personalized, patient-centered medicine.
  • Cybersecurity: AI tools will look for patterns associated with malicious software and viruses before they can steal massive amounts of information and money.
  • Vital tasks: Ai assistants will also be able to help mow lawns, clean windows, etc. Thinking about all those more repetitive jobs, AI can automate them.
  • Transportation: AI may have the biggest impact in the near future through autonomous vehicles. The idea is that we will move to autonomous cars in a few years, especially driverless trains, which already rule the rails in European cities.


Solidus AI TECH’s main token will be the AITECH token, a native Ethereum network token based on the ERC-20 protocol, which allows its investors to bet their tokens and earn rewards.

The token will have a utility feature that includes betting to earn rewards, lottery Air Drop where bettors will enter a lottery every quarter and the winners will receive AITECH tokens, in addition, it will burn a percentage of the AITECH tokens used to buy AI services through its IaaS platform in a way that will give more value to the token, and also give different discounts on services within the platform.

Take into account that you still have the chance to participate into AITECH private sale and acquire the tokens in a low price, so if you are interested on in hurry up and buy now yours. (This is not a financial advice, please do your own research first!).

Main benefits of Solidus AI Tech

  • IaaS software platform: the implementation of IaaS software platform will be used as a global network of computer resources to match the demand for high-power AI software services to encourage users to engage in the Solidus Ecosystem.
  • Blockchain Tech: blockchain technology will be used to employ computer power using AITECH tokens without the need for a centralized payment system.
  • AITECH Token: will be used as the basic means of payment on the IaaS platform (although other methods will exist).
  • AI: AI is revolutionizing technology and looks set to be a trending topic in the coming years.
  • Deflationary token: there will be regular burns of AITECH tokens that will give value to the token and the project.
  • Staking: a betting platform will be launched where token holders can earn interest.
  • Real use case: in the future, it will be possible to use the token to buy AI services.



  • Project launch


  • Launch of the company


  • Building a data center
  • Actively mining Ethereum
  • Launching the AITECH token

2022 and beyond

  • Artificial intelligence platform for acquiring Solidus AI services.
  • Designing blockchain solutions for governments to help facilitate smart contracts for healthcare


AITECH is a revolutionary project that addresses one of the most important and future topics such as AI. With the idea of combining this sector so important today with the technology revolution through the blockchian, it aims to be a mainstay in the whole cryptocurrency field and ensure that artificial intelligence services and cryptocurrencies work hand in hand, expecting a significant demand for its services progressively, as both the blockchain and AI sectors gain momentum.

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