Seeding Decentralized Autonomous Bioregions (DABs)

Bioregions of Europe (Source)

Beautiful alignment as we continue to spread regenerative economies across the planet establishing circles at a local, national, and bioregional level. Together, we are shaping a planetary network for peer-to-peer exchange integrated through the socio-ecological tech stack designed for cooperation and coordination.

The self-organizing principle we are using to achieve scale and impact is to align with functional landscapes — organizing economic activities around watersheds and mountain ranges, coastal estuaries and historic trade networks. This allows us to work with whole systems that naturally integrate themselves in ecological and cultural terms.

Each territory that we engage in gives rise to bioregional learning hubs that are cooperatively owned and where its corresponding treasury is managed by local communities. This begins with the development of land suitable for regeneration that can be employed as a training ground for regional economic development. Each local circle becomes the convener for mapping of its territory, coordination of development efforts, related research and educational activities.

Each DAB vehicle enables communities to weave together multi-stakeholder networks, bringing together the key people involved in various aspects of land management and economic development in that region — including staff of national ministries, agribusinesses, smallholder farmers, regional investors, conservationists, and researchers. To achieve the desired future and a preferred direction for economic development that balances conservation, regeneration, economic and social goals, cooperative members of a DAB can create and energize roles, launch quests, and easily scale contribution frameworks that effectively align purpose with finance.

We have been approached by more than 50 bioregions on six continents since the launch of the SEEDS Global Passport. Our strategy is to weave together the plethora of initiatives, movements, new forms of enterprise, and lifestyle experiments encompassing all aspects of life which are invisibly connected in a shared attempt to bring about a more sustainable future. By joining existing permaculture camps, retreat centers, ecovillages, cities, nation states, universities, values-based banks and other for-purpose organizations, we shape an integrated impulse for genuine transformation, giving form to a planetary-scale network of regenerative hubs — all of which align around a shared vision for change.

Investment large and small can be brought into bioregions and distributed using decentralized governance to contribute towards regenerative transformation and subsidizing adoption. We encourage these funds to be used to finance the transition towards regenerative agriculture and the general healing of that region (cleaning water, replanting native forests, nurturing the local food economy, etc). These actions increase hope, decrease political unrest, and allow basic needs to be met, all while increasing quality of life.

Unlocking Multiple Forms of Capital through the Token Economy

Contributions to these vehicles for collaborative impact investment are reciprocated by bioregional impact tokens, issued by the members of the DAB. Contributors of multiple forms of capital capture increasing value as the aggregate value created by the cooperative increases. In this paradigm contributors also earn voice token, which is separate from financial investement, to mainting a healthy state in its decentralized governance. As fiat currency continues to nosedive and centralized institutions continue to undermine the trust they have left, we put forth a compelling financial vehicle to attract small- and large-scale funding. This rewards both earth stewards and investors seeking more stable investment opportunities that contribute to regenerating ecosystems in a globally scaleable, fully transparent and open framework.

Contributors Earn Voice Tokens to Participate in Decentralized Governance

We are seeding Decentralized Autonomous Cooperatives (DACs) for a wide variety of context, weaving together people and a global alliance encompassing more than 600 organizations rising up to the opportunity as evolved forms of governance and integral economies continue to spread roots at scale. In an autopoetic manner, the foundational layers for a regenerative futures index are taking shape, accelarating the tipping point towards a favorable transition.

This time the shift is not limited to cities but has a rural renaissance at the very core of its function. Well-being economies where cultural and biological diversity are restored, both in voice and value, harmonize people into right relationship with community and place. The new economy will not be fragmented by geopolitics but is being shaped by a shared sense of responsibility towards the biosphere as a whole.

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