SAFEMOON CASH: The next step of Safemoon.

Today I am gonna present you Safemoon Cash ( as a Blockchain project that aims to move ahead of Safemoon by creating a token governed by the community itself and successfully audited twice (by Techrate and RD Auditors).

What is exactly Safemoon Cash?

In more detail, Safemoon Cash ( is a Blockchain technology-based project that aims to be powered by its own community within the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network. The team’s main idea is to reach a target price of 25% of Safemoon’s total capitalization, becoming a common name in the cryptocurrency world.

What makes it different from Safemoon?

Well, starting with its team of industry experts in technology, marketing and design, which can drive the growth of the community, and ending with its tokenomics, which is driven by the community itself. In addition, Safemoon Cash has different use cases in mind that will give the token a more precious value.

On the other hand, an important aspect that makes Safemoon weak is its high commissions, because the taxes for making a transaction are very high in order to encourage holders, but this does not motivate new investors, and in the long run, the team itself is the one that benefits the most. In this way, Safemoon Cash intends to offer passive rewards to its users in a static way, creating a pool to raise equity capital and thus ensure that there is liquidity in the market.


Safemoon Cash’s main token is the $SMC, which is a native token of the Binance Smart Chain network, working through smart contracts under the BEP-20 protocol with low commissions.

The main features of the token are as follows:

  • Unlike Safemoon, each Safemoon Cash transaction incurs a 4% tax for the benefit of all.
  • 2% of any type of transaction within the Safemoon Cash smart contract will be distributed to all token holders.
  • The other 2% of each transaction is sent to the liquidity pool to provide stability to the token so that it generates an increasing minimum price.
  • SMC will serve as a governance token with which the community itself can decide the future of Safemoon Cash.

How can I buy Safemoon Cash?

The steps are very simple. The procedure is the same as for buying any token that is available within the BSC network and in particular that has pairs available in Pancakeswap.

So, the first thing you have to do is go to (, go to the left menu to make the trade, connect your wallet where you will receive the tokens, select the token swap you want to make (note that Safemoon Cash will not appear by default, you can add it via your smart contract → 0xf017e2773e4ee0590c81d79ccbcf1b2de1d22877), and that’s it!

What is SMCG?

SMCG is the Safemoon Cash Governance Token, which will be launched in Q3 2021.

The main benefits of holding SMCG will be that you will be able to decide on the future of the project, as well as propose or accept new functions, or features of both the technology itself and the token. This is why Safemoon Cash is called the 100% community-driven token.

Finally, another important feature is that the platform will launch a Yield Farming section where SMCG holders will be able to farm to earn SMC tokens.


Q2 2021

  • Launch of Safemoon Cash
  • Launch of the website
  • Launch of the global and local marketing operation.
  • Listing on Probit Hotbit and XT
  • Social media, Medium and Github
  • Rug Detectives and Techrate audits
  • Coingecko and Coinmarketcap listings
  • Blockfolio and Delta listings
  • Secured deal with Chinese crypto marketing company.

Q3 2021

  • LP website interface
  • Charity partnerships
  • More exchange listings
  • Community meetings
  • Launch of WMA contract
  • Merchandising store expansion
  • Payment method
  • SMCG
  • Introduction of Safemoon Cash Casino
  • SMCG betting protocol
  • Exploration

Q4 2021

  • Inter-chain migration
  • Expansion

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