Play Games and Earn Money

On Android, Windows, and IOS

We all need to make money somehow….working 9 to 5, side hustling, blogging, vlogging, and more. There are a lot of ways to do it, and now, easier and better than ever before, gaming joins the list.

The Play and Earn Gaming Revolution

Play and Earn is a new concept that comes from a new technology called blockchain. We all know what gaming is, and maybe even continue to play games on Windows, Mac, Android, Playstation, and Xbox, but generally, it is for fun.

Unless you are super amazing at the game and can become an e-sports professional, making money is quite hard.

Blockchain changes this.

The quick why and how to earn money playing games

In traditional games like Grand Theft Auto, Fifa, and Madden, we play and earn in-game items. We can also use our own money to buy items and grow faster in the game. The problem with this is that when you buy those items, that money has packed its bags and will never return to your wallet or bank account. The gaming company is now the proud owner of your money, and you are the proud owner of the items. No takebacks!

Blockchain allows players to transfer the game items back to cash. The company or game does not control the items, and you join your game, play, and as you proceed, earn items and grow like any other normal game. Once you want to change the game items for money, you go into the marketplaces and list your items for auction or find a direct person to buy them immediately.
It is a simple change, but such a huge boost for gamers and those aiming to make some extra cash. Playing games is a viable way to do it under blockchain.

Marketplace example

Items turn back to real money in Blockchain systems. This is what is known as Play and Earn.

Games to Play and Make Money

There are 100s of titles waiting to be played, and you might think the graphics must suck, or the games must be boring…..but you couldn’t be further from the truth.

Some of these games have funding as good as games you find on the Playstation Store, or Xbox Store.

Play and Earn Game 1 Idle Mystic

Idle Mystic

Play Store Download URL

Idle Mystic – Play to Earn – Apps on Google Play

Official website

Idle Mystic is a classic hero battling game, offering single-player adventure, online PvP and tournament game competitions where people can battle in seasons, and aim for massive prizes.

The gameplay is broken up into different elements as shown below;

PVP Game Mode

6v6 battles

Players select up to 6 heroes and fight in daily battles to win prizes. After 10 wins, gamers can earn in-game currency, that is fully tradable on cross platforms.

In other words, you play, battle, win, and then can sell your winnings for other currency including GBP, USD, YEN, and more!

Kingdom Game Mode

In Kingdom, gamers can fight to capture lands and grow their armies in the classic style.

By adding heroes to lands, and remaining as the lord, players can earn in-game currency for each period of land ownership.

This mode will allow gamers to hire other teams, work together, and fight for lands in Idle Mystic to save or destroy all!

More details on Kingdom can be found here;

Idle Mystic – Medium

Play and Earn Game 2 Star Fall (Coming Soon)

Official Website

Star Fall is the first freely created NFT universe and Sandbox project, allowing players to freely create NFTs in the universe.

Players, designers and developers can participate in this project to create, design and develop the one of a kind unique starships. Using NFTs created by ourselves to build homelands, worlds, and even the entire universe!

In-game you can lead the Starfleet to explore the endless universe, find a new home, and establish a new cosmic law.

The development of Star Fall is based on the Unreal Engine.

The gameplay is broken up into different elements as shown below;

(SLG) Simulation Game

Lead in space, control Fleets, Manage and Recruit Staff and build out your space empire on mobile and desktop.

Play and Earn

Mine resources in space, buy and sell in Star Falls Ecosystem (Community, Marketplace, P2P) Collect and create NFT Space crafts

Explore the Gaming Unknown

  • Own Entire Planets
  • Become a Space Pirate
  • Build Powerful Spacecraft
  • Mine for Resources
  • Live, work and earn in space

The website is launched and the project is coming soon for play and earning potential.

Summary of Games to Play and Make Money Online

Using new Blockchain-powered Games, any player, designer, and developer can now take part at any skill level and make money.

Time spent in games is rewarded with real transferable money, and can be settled into any currency available including USD, Yen, GBP…

If you are a gamer and can enjoy one of the Play and Earn Titles, it is a fun and easy way to make money and learn about the next revolution in gaming.

Getting paid to play games….count me in!

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