Oil Market Attack and Cryptocurrencies

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Following the latest news, oil prices may change bringing parallel cases destructive for the world oil prices. Let’s start exploring this very case from the very beginning.

Supposedly, in a very cosy house lived a not so wealthy, not so poor family where sons were educated properly to believe their life belongs to the nation, to the religion. Also, they were obsessed with their earthly belief that protection of the land is their highest mission. All their lives they had been waiting for this moment to show their intrinsic value. The war came bringing troops numbered thousands and more but still, father called the son, the son called the brother, brother called the friend, the friend called the uncles and the nest for terrorism came with the belief they were born for this mission-to die and be saved, to save to give freedom. Or there has been another reason for that we can’t even guess.

Meanwhile, in a province not very far, there was a man very outstanding, who made a whole corporation and seemed nothing can stand on his or company’s way. But you can’t escape the tragic end. The man had oil to serve all nations, that truly respected and used oil with gratitude. Come to see, the “terrorist” decided to squeeze the power, to give a real shoot, to bomb the oil plant and bump on the company’s head.

Aramco oil company attack is news that is still a secret and brings many whys. Whatever it is, the influence of price changes will be visible till the end of October.

Well, the world is in turmoil. Someone wants to seize the moment and make de facto, the other wants to get more income, others escape, and newly launched products show activity, new faces arise from nowhere to express their ideas. And it’s here that cryptocurrencies and exchanges are crossing by this road accidentally.

Cryptocurrency traders have some kind of income in whatever happens in the world. News reflects on the cryptocurrency prices, like trade war impact on Bitcoin price, or oil market influence on the overall unanticipated turnovers. As a matter of fact, if the product most probably has an impact on the market produce changes, the currency fluctuations of fiat or crypto mainly downwards will soon let us know.

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