Nutgain: a Web 3.0 security protocol for blockchain and DApps

Thanks to blockchain technology and the path towards digital transformation, as well as people’s interest in video games, there has been a huge increase in systems and applications that encompass features to satisfy everything, or at least try to.

To do so, many companies create a browser, a tool that allows both developers to create various applications, and users to participate in various activities such as games, entertainment, etc. For all this to be connected and make sense, it is necessary to integrate a minimum of functions within the browser to allow interaction all through a single ecosystem. For this, today I want to introduce NutGain, a new project based on blockchain technology that aims to develop an ecosystem that meets all these characteristics. The truth is that if you go to their website hosted on Medium ( you will see how the project has been created by a team of industry experts who have years of experience working in their respective fields such as front-end and back-end interface development, which gives credibility to the project.

But what is NutGain then?

In detail, NutGain ( is a decentralized blockchain ecosystem that provides consumers with unique tools and products in a single ecosystem. Nutgain is designed to provide the best market conditions in order to integrate interaction and value to its users.

Nutgain’s main objective is to create awareness about data privacy, inherent loopholes in the current platforms and provide a unique solution to end-users. Furthermore, the teams wish to deploy technologies such as metaverse in the Nutgain browser in order to deliver a fully up-to-date Technology to its users.

The Nutgain ecosystem

The Browser
The browser is developed on Web 3.0, and is categorized as a next-generation browser because it allows users to control the flow of information, manage cookies and perform entertainment tasks in one place. This browser is the main product on which the NutGain ecosystem is built, as it is the main mechanism of action of the platform for users. All browser functions and tools are available to all products and applications in the ecosystem to provide optimal and seamless integration. Among the functions are dApps connection, games, chat, video calls, social networks, etc.

Beyond this, the browser serves as the foundation for the entire NutGain ecosystem where all major products, apps, stores, games, and other decentralized entertainment applications will be incorporated into the same blockchain ecosystem, in a secure way.

The Privacy
Finally, another key feature to highlight that I found interesting about the project is the protection of personal information and the protection of privacy. It is not very common to find that a company cares about the privacy of its customers, in this case, Nutgain intends to use only high-end cybersecurity technologies to protect us from any personal data theft and other hacker attacks. In addition to all this, Nutgain has also enabled the use of a VPN to prevent its users’ Internet activities from being monitored and/or their personal data from being unprotected.

The Applications
As we have said, an important part of Nutgain is the applications and video games that users can participate in and search for through the browser, and they are no less important for that. In this way, Nutgain has also launched new features such as the fact of sharing the same user between applications through the connection through databases, loyalty incentive programs, and a reduction of advertising costs which is one of the things that punish a platform the most in terms of customer engagement and empowerment.

The Rewards
In the end, Nutgain is a browser that needs to be rewarded for something. It does so through the data it provides and can store, hence the elaborate privacy policies it has. The good thing about it is that users are the ones who decide what to share and for that, Nutgain has launched a reward system so that users who share information, will be granted a reward in cryptocurrencies. In addition, NutGain creates marketing campaigns to promote apps, products, and businesses in the ecosystem based on the browsing interests shared by the end-user that can be very interesting. We will stay tuned.


Nutgain’s token will be $NutGain, a tokenized under the BEP-20 protocol within the Binance Smart Chain network and will be the main form of payment within the browser, which will also be useful for the development and growth of the NutGain community, and will lead to participation in marketing and incentive programs.


Nutgain is an innovative and interesting project, which covers one of the most interesting topics for the immediate future such as multitasking browsers, which seem to be going to mark a revolution soon, so we will have to be attentive. We have seen how Nutgain can offer a multitask browser with private reduces and cookies as well as optimized online games with fast and ad-free. An interesting note is also that the future of the Nutgain ecosystem, being sustained by the community, will depend a lot on the ability of users to choose what data they want to disclose and whatnot since, in the end, they are the ones who decide what to share and what not to share.

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