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Everything either starts or finishes as a myth.

“Everything starts from the myth. A kind of mysterious state to which some tend to be comfortable with while others are too superstitous or too coservative to follow. In this case conservatism challenges the myth and what happens next is the myth wins the conservatism.”

Why crave for something that doesn’t exist? I think it can best be illustrated through matrix ideology. You believe you live in the reality where money does exist but does it? You criticize digital tokens thinking it’s not the present neither the future. It’s unreal. But is it?

Money or Touch me and you’ll feel the real power

Banknotes and coins make a sound of force to establish any possible idea, any plausible wish. But does it have the same effect as a few years ago? Hasn’t the era of cash passed?

Only 8% of the currency is in physical money. Hereafter when you say money you don’t mean cash but the money in your bank account. If you do feel safe and secure for your money managed via banks and online banking systems why you hesitate to trust digital wallets?

If you don’t see the actual banknotes and make transactions why you don’t do that via blockchain system.

If you don’t touch USD, EUR, RUB, Yen why you hesitate while not touching Bitcoin.

Doesn’t this mean that the term ‘money’ has lived its age and now it’s time for digital money?

A few years ago the word digital would bring a lot of panic and disbelief but now you all use it in any case, it is not a part of your life. Digital is your lifestyle.

Need more facts?


You buy, sell and exchange goods with digital tokens like any ‘real’ money.

-Microsoft accepts Bitcoin payments. It says, “Use your Bitcoin to add money to your Microsoft account”.

-Reeds Jewelery accepts Bitcoin. It says, “You can buy fine jewelery and watches ranging from engagement rings to Pandora charms.” accepts Bitcoin. It says, “The first online travel agency to accept Bitcoin, as a method of payment for flights”.

-More Stamps Global accepts Bitcoin. It says, “Choose from hotels, activities, flights and make transfers when booking travel with 40 digital currencies.”

And a thousand more companies whether largest in the industry or the retails globally accept cryptocurrencies.

Exchanges are safe to transact and you can exchange BTC to USD whenever you want to. It’s up to you to make your life easier and walk in line with the modern world.

Only remember to think outside the box while you have the real chance to make the change.

As for BIDITEX, it is an exchange that is launching soon. Its aim is to inspire you to trade with ease, bidding your space, your own place to make a change and feel comfortable.

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