MOGUL: Burns Orginal Painting To Create A NFT Tickets ( Don’t Miss The Film)

Blockchain technology has released unto everyone an equal right to compete for writing the database records and in fact, anything can be tokenized which made the technology so interesting.
In recent time, DeFi took over the world of crypto with a boom in 2020 and activated the rise and popularity of Non-Fungible Token also known as NFT.

What Made NFTs Valuable?

First, an understanding of what are NFTs is very important. In a clear matter of declaring what NFT reveals visual or audio-visual digital assets that are released in an authenticated editions which are very limited but have approved ownership on blockchain in the same manner as cryptocurrency.

Now, what made this valuable?

According to Forbes: This ability to identify the owner of the NFT and to validate its authenticity allows NFTs to be bought and sold, and there are auction sites that have created a highly liquid market for NFTs

Forbes NFT News

In reality, the valuable power of NFTs is a determinant of

  1. Identification of NFT owner
  2. The validity of NFT authentication

This is an amazing innovation.
Have you ever thought an Art can be valuable on-chain?
What of the action of burning the original painting on camera and unveiling a digitalized NFT after the burn? Does this look like a film making/production? Exactly, as you have it in your mind!

Wait a minute, The Future Of Film is Right Here!

MOGUL, A decentralized film financing, set to give everyone a voice in the filmmaking process. sound interesting!
The origin is based on the burning of the original painting which resulted in NFTs creation by Rob Prior.
On Tuesday, 6th April 2021, Rob Prior will be burning his original painting on camera. This painting is an inspiration from Wolf of Wall Street and has fiat money falling from the sky and will finally be burnt to prove that the future of art and Wall Street, is meant to be on the blockchain.

Original Credit: Mogul Event Cover Page

Who is Rob Prior? Rob Prior has been called one of his generation’s preeminent content generators. He’s worked with some of the biggest names in movies, comics, and the arts. Find More

The upcoming event is the one you can’t avoid missing. Why not join Rob Prior and other great creators as we discuss the sudden boom of NFTs in the entertainment industry? This is going to be an iconic event and will definitely go down in history where the first mainstream artist will burn his own artwork live on camera to produce an NFT!

Event Link Right Here 📽📻🎥

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