Mauritius — a paradise for small businesses

Mauritius — a paradise for small businesses

Since I decided to spend my winter vacation where it’s very warm and unusual — my eyes fell on a country called Mauritius. Mauritius is a small island in the Indian Ocean, where you can find unique nature and comfortable weather for holidays all year round. However, I was also interested in the economic component of this state. And for good reason, because I hit the bulls-eye.

The best thing about the country is its spirit and life; its economic component can be found during a talk with the indigenous people. And so it happened, while at the Christmas table I met Ajmal, a native Mauritian who temporarily lives in Paris, but wants to return back to Mauritius in a few years to start his own business.

To the question “Why?” he replied that despite the fact that in Paris there are plenty of opportunities for work, Mauritius is becoming an increasingly attractive place to start and grow a business. First, and very importantly, when opening a business in Mauritius (the procedure for registering a company is quite simple), you do not need to pay taxes during the first 8 years! That is, you can safely develop your business without worrying that every month, quarter or year you need to pay a percentage to the state. Secondly, the state offers a variety of assistance, including low-cost office space, information assistance, advice and more. Thirdly, various spheres of business are just beginning to develop (first of all, tourism, export-import of various products) and do not have much competition, and the demand for them is huge. Fourthly, the island of Mauritius, due to its geographical position, is an excellent place for business development, export and import of products to Africa, India, and Australia.

Of course, I talked to him about the blockchain and cryptocurrencies. On the island of Mauritius, the blockchain sphere is gaining momentum — companies are already working in this area and various events are taking place where quite reputable experts are gathering. As for cryptocurrency, according to his opinions, it is a little more complicated. The state’s largest bank is not interested in accepting the blockchain, because it wants to control the flow of money, set high-interest rates and of course have the maximum earnings, which can be understandable. The state also does not have any laws regarding cryptocurrency, so far no one on the island accepts cryptocurrency as a payment method. However, when I said that there is such an anonymous coin like CloakCoin, with which the sender can completely anonymously send transactions to the recipient, while the transaction speed is instantaneous, and the commission is almost zero, he was pleasantly surprised, and replied that it might well interest residents to accept this cryptocurrency.

Learning that CLOAK allows you to receive passive income as well in the form of 6% per year by simply keeping coins in your wallet, he began to ask me more about how this all works, and even said that he will write a blog about it.

From a conversation with Ajmal, I realized that the people of Mauritius are still quite far from cryptocurrencies and their incredible opportunities, but being a rapidly developing state, Mauritius will soon not only develop actively in the field of cryptocurrencies, but will also become one of the main economic hubs between Africa, Asia and Australia. It’s time for me to present all the possibilities of cryptocurrency before it will be massively accepted by the residents of Mauritius. Ajmal offered to organize (he has enough contacts to do this) a conference next year, where I can talk about all the benefits of cryptocurrency for investors, businesses and government employees.

I express my gratitude to Ajmal for the excellent conversation and informational assistance. Indeed, the truth is that the islanders are mostly good-natured, positive and pleasant people!

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