Lesser Known, Undervalued Cryptocurrencies With Great Performances. Could They Be The Future?

So many crypto-currencies have surfaced and got their fame in the past decade.
For example, whether someone is a crypto-enthusiast or not, they know something about Bitcoin. Bitcoin got its fame during its boom, and now currencies such as Ripple, Etheruem, and Litecoin are more or less making a name for themselves every day. Thanks to their previous performances and their huge market cap, their ranks are higher than other available crypto-currencies. However, there are many other crypto-coins that are having great performances and are not being noticed as much as they deserve to. The recap of the week will not be about your everyday crypto-currencies but about lesser known ones that have had great performances in the past week. (10/12/2018–17/12/2018).

The revain coin is based on the Revain.org website. This website is a feedback website like Yelp, but with a twist; it is based on blockchain technology. When you leave a feedback on the page, it is not only guaranteed that it won’t get deleted or lost, but you will also get paid for your feedback. Revain (R) was started as ICO back in 2017. As of this week, it was priced at $0.135 (R/USDT ratio) and had a mrket cap of $65,264,331. During the past week it had a very stable graph, and as of today (17/12/2018), its price has jumped to $0.1925 which is almost a 45% boost. The market cap has also increased with approximately 28,034,383 USD, which makes it 93,298,714 USD. And in the past 24 hours, it had a 58% change from yesterday’s price.

TenX (PAY) is connected to its parent company TenX. TenX is one of the most innovative companies in that it lets you to fill up your wallet (which is their application) with crypto-currencies and then spend those currencies in your everyday life. So basically, it is a way to connect blockchain to the world we live in. TenX first came to market as ICO back in July 2017. On 10/12/2018 it had a price of 0.254 USD and a market cap of 27,835,861 USD. Its performance this week was really good, and it almost had an all increasing Graph with an approximately 77% boost from last week, TenX (PAY) is listed at $0.44 as of now.

(Data shown here is based the prices at 18/12/2018)
Digitex is future exchange company. They let their users cash out the profit without any transaction fee. However, they only pay the user with their own crypto-currency which is the “DGTX.” The ICO started back in May 2018. With a change of +27% from yesterday’s price, DGTX had an excellent week, and at the end of the week, their market cap and price went up with approximately 35%. DGTX is now priced at 0.0466 USD, and the market cap is 34,146,990 USD.

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