Just 1% Better Each Day

tl;dr: Change happens gradually. By the same token, we are capable of great change…gradually.

I called my friend Adam in London to wish him a happy birthday. During our chat, he said to me, “Jeremy, one day you’ll have to explain blockchain to me.”

To which I replied, “one day, I won’t have to.”

He immediately knew what I meant and it led to a conversation about the diffusion of new technologies through society.

Bottom line: it’s gradual. Then, it’s everywhere.

I thought about this recently from the perspective of the innovator in the “Beards and Kombucha” post, but this conversation with Adam made me look at it afresh.

I recalled a TedX talk I had seen recently called “How to Achieve Your Most Ambitious Goals.”


It occurred to me that the most successful innovators and practitioners of personal change are able to think BIG and small.

They have a vision (like many of us do). It could be a business or a personal goal (e.g. weight loss).

But what the successful people are able to do is break things down to their atomic level.

It’s like “Moneyball” but for life.

They look for the high leverage points and the sticking points, as minute as they be.

Then, they isolate the specific problem or opportunity for growth.

and then, here’s the not so sexy part….they just keep doing that every single day.

It’s the persistence. The Never Stop Marketing.

The commitment to being just 1% better today than yesterday.

I think it takes a certain type of analytical mindset to find these points and a joy in finding them. It’s like a treasure hunt.

But they can be learned.

Pick the right 1% improvement and it could have all kinds of positive repercussions.

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