If You Held Bitcoin on December 1st, 2019

A Free Gift to All Bitcoin Holders from the Creator of HEX, The First High Interest Blockchain Time Deposit

A very special snapshot took place, reserved for Bitcoin (BTC) holders only, on December 1st 2019.

This snapshot enables anyone who digitally signs their wallet a one-time opportunity to free claim HEX, the first high-interest blockchain Certificate of Deposit. Digital signatures are used to prove you have the private key to a public wallet without ever having to expose your private key.

Approximately $2.9 Billion dollars — 246,528 BTC — have already Free Claimed their HEX as of the time of this writing, verifiable on chain (see references below).

How To: 5-minute walk through video.

More Freemium: Just like Amazon or Tesla, HEX has a simple 1-tier referral system.

No referral links are used in this article, but it is recommended you use somebody’s as you’ll then receive 10% more HEX on your free claim.

This free claim tool and referral system are live only until November 19th, 2020. Learn more at HEX.com





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