I Am Now Become Sharder, The Protector Of Patents

Sharder- The Protector Of Patents

Innovation: A Tale of Extortion

Throughout our species history, many genius innovators of different sectors of industry were exploited for their intelligence by other’s, siphoning their personal legacy. A great man by the name of Nikola Tesla, who was a brilliant and eccentric genius, enabled modern-day power systems and mass communication systems to flourish. Ironically, Nikola Tesla is unknown to the masses, mysteriously hidden within the texts of history. Nikola Tesla’s former boss was Thomas Edison, the man known to be the inventor of the light bulb. Thomas Edison’s inventions such as the light bulb and the phonograph were in their own right revolutionary, but not unique, as other people were already in the process of creating similar inventions. Nikola Tesla however, with his revolutionary alternating current technology, was extremely disruptive during the conclusion of the 19th century and into the early 20th century. Nikola Tesla worked on mass communication systems for years and in his own right, he is the father of radio, television and cell phones; he even once said “when wireless is perfectly applied the whole earth will be converted into a giant brain, which in fact, all things being particles of a real and rhythmic whole. We shall be able to communicate instantly, irrespective of distance. The instruments that will enable us to do this will fit in our vest pockets.” I’m guessing you’re asking, what does Nikola Tesla have to do with blockchain, well it’s very simple. The reason Nikola Tesla is hidden within the doctrines of history is because of one primary reason, his revolutionary technologies were extorted by Thomas Edison. Blockchain could have prevented this from occurring, by storing his patents and research in an non tamperable entity where his information would have been stored and view-able to all, for eternity. As we enter our brave new world filled with data and the need for a non tamperable solution to prevent the extortion of information, blockchain is the answer to that dilemma.

Blockchain: The Destroyer of Fraud, A Guardian Of Intellectual Property

Ever since the conception of Bitcoin, blockchain technology has been used to store various types of information from various sectors of industry; blockchain is not just a technology that executes cross-payments world wide, it is a global storage center for e-commerce payments, global payments, remittances, peer to peer lending, microfinance, healthcare, title records, voting, derivatives, crowdfunding, debt, private markets, equity, escrow, wagers, and the four most important in my opinion, intellectual property, ownership, copyright protection and digital rights. Imagine if you will, a world where intellectual property and copyright patents are protected for eternity, well that world is already here because of the beauty of blockchain technology. On April 27th, 2018, a South Korean developer by the name of Rhyu Gi-hyeok made history when he created two Ethereum transactions with Korean and English records of the Panmunjom Declaration, the treaty that formally ended the hostilities between North Korea and South Korea. This declaration is recorded and will never be tampered with due to the power of an inherently resistant technology that has never been hacked before, and that innovation is blockchain. As we embark as a society into a computerized manifestation of our species, blockchain is the answer to copyright patents and secure data storage. According to “Raconteur.net” “companies may be about to gain the upper hand in the battle to protect patents, trademarks and licences from fraudsters. The solution, it seems, is from the much-hyped, but lesser understood, technology of blockchain.” Blockchain allows preexisting parties to operate and work together on one single database. When a transaction or any type of records are entered onto the blockchain, is it unable to be altered with or updated by anybody else in the world, forever. According to Richard Tatham, a patent attorney at IP rights law firm HGF “the main benefit of blockchain is that it is distributed, accurate and immutable.” Within the music industry, blockchain is being used to combat piracy and to also improve the tracking of distribution of music from a particular artist and the revenue in which they claim. With inventions like Limewire and Youtube to MP3 converters, it is extremely easy to steal music from an artist, however, with blockchain, musicians can track who is using their music and simultaneously, track their streams of revenue associated with music. a 2017 report by the UK’s Intellectual Property Office found that 15 percent of UK internet users have consumed at least one item illegally during the first quarter of 2017, a staggering number that needs to be diminished.

A British songwriter by the name of Imogen Heap was involved in a copyright dilemma with a rivaling artist. Imogen Heap is a pioneer in the blockchain patent sector because of her unique approach of the use of blockchain. In 2017, Imogen Heap spoke to the Harvard Business Review and discussed how a rival artist was accused of stealing her copyright, as a result, her rival artists music was taken down from a prominent distribution website. Although Ms.Heap said that most likely an over-eager robot was the cause of finding out who was stealing her music, her unique understanding of the potential of blockchain is shown through her online platform, MyCelia. Ms.Heap said that potential copyright conflicts like the incident she had to deal with could easily be avoided by using blockchain technology for payments and rights to an individuals music. MyCelia is Ms.Heap’s online platform that utilized blockchain to clarify who has the right to use sample’s of an individual artists music, rights and authorization of distribution; she encourages producers, musicians and recording artists to use blockchain as a way to prevent piracy. Innovators, inventors, musicians, web developers, authors, patent agencies, copyright firms, movie producers and among many others can utilize blockchain technology as a way of providing a tamper-proof evidence of individual ownership. However, with the inevitable onslaught of innovation, as data continues to grow throughout our civilization, storage solutions such as Sharder can be utilized in every single blockchain in regards to the storage of patents and copyright as a whole. Sharder is an innovative technology that enables cross-chain data storage solutions, meaning that any existing blockchain on the planet can utilize the Sharder Protocol in the assistance of data storage such as intellectual property, patents and ownership rights!

I Am Now Become Sharder: The Solution To Copyright Infringement, Ownership Rights and Intellectual Theft

As humanity embarks on the never ending insatiable journey for knowledge, as we continue to grow as a species and a human family, new data will arise, with a need to be stored in a safe destination where it is unable to be tampered with. As knowledge grows throughout the 21st century, data is produced at an unprecedented rate and we have seen this with the exponential rise in data production over the course of the last five years. Our consciousness is primed for understanding; a thirst for knowledge that can never be quenched and for this reason data storage solutions like The Sharder Protocol need to exist. The Sharder Protocol is an immutable, non-tamperable sleeping giant that is being awoken from it’s slumber. The Sharder Protocol offers data security; in detail The Sharder Protocol enables offline encryption of data through client terminals, data sharding and distributed storage. The Sharder Protocol’s innovative technology also offers a credential model, the initiative Sharder-UTXO and Sharder-Keypair paradigms ensure that without the proper credentials, data in storage and data in general cannot be accessed, which can protect copyright information, intellectual property and ownership information, a necessity to protect the brilliant minds of our generation, past generations and future generations. The Sharder Protocol fosters transparency, open-source, peer-to-peer free markets without any monopoly, an embodiment of the capitalist zeitgeist that exists within our world. A free market creates inclusivity, inclusivity enables participation and participation creates a capitalistic, laissez-faire free market paradigm that is reminiscent of the ideals of market economy capitalism, outlined in Adam Smith’s “The Wealth of Nations.”

The Sharder Protocol is an embodiment of the free market economy, on a macro perspective, this is a miraculous innovation in data storage for all enterprises and participants that will have the honor to use The Sharder Protocol to store their data securely and participate in an inclusive market economy. The Sharder Protocol utilizes one of the most important technologies in human history, the blockchain, it is a cross-chain data storage solution for every blockchain in existence and even has it’s own blockchain! The Sharder Protocol does not sit well with a finite paradigm, rather, The Sharder Blockchain is limitlessness and infinitely expandable to any other public blockchain and the internet as a whole! The Sharder Protocol and The Sharder Chain easily adapts to the expansion of the internet as it continues its inevitable transformation of our society and our world for centuries and possibly millenniums; the imprint the internet has had on our world and will continue to have on our world is unprecedented. In an ever changing civilization where data production grows day by day, it is incumbent to have a limitless, expandable storage solution and that solution is right before our eyes, preparing to wake from its R.E.M. sleep, that project is The Sharder Protocol. Not only can The Sharder Protocol be deployed on ALL public blockchains, it can be deployed on storage networks and personal nodes! An individual or an organizations copyright information, intellectual property and ownership is safe and secure when utilizing The Sharder Protocol. The Sharder Chain is a commercial public chain and includes digital assets, guaranteed trade and an operating support system among other various other utilities as it’s own independent blockchain. The Sharder Protocol not only provides an inexpensive storage solution for blockchains and organizations that utilize it, The Sharder Network can house countless Dapps on its platform and four already exist on it’s platform; these platforms include One Fair, Bean Cloud, Sharder Matrix and the Sharder Brain! Through their cross-chain ecosystem, the Sharder Network has immense potential to revolutionize the exchange of data between blockchains and existing parties!

Bean Cloud in particular is a unique application that enables people to store data and is also a security platform that provides services for the financial sector such as micro finance, consumer finance, e-contracts and investment records; all of these services are on the immutable storage platform known as Bean Cloud! Bean Cloud also provides legal certificates and security which is based on the beauty of blockchain technology and it’s traceability and immutable features for the data that is stored on it. Bean Cloud can assist in the security of intellectual property and copyrighted patents by this design! But it doesn’t stop there, this ambitious project and revolution in how we store data was not satisfied with just one app, the goal of Sharder is to never be satisfied, it’s goal is to constantly yearn for perfection and to be the best data storage solution to ever exist on our planet! The Sharder Matrix enables enterprises such as hospitals and government agencies to store biological data which includes DNA information, medical records, growth logs and incredibly, our memories. Memories are embedded in our consciousness, standing the test of time until death do us part from this world, to be able to store individual and collective memories on an application is a stunning, incredible innovation that only The Sharder Protocol could create. The Sharder Brain is the third application built within The Sharder Ecosystem. As AI becomes conscious and coexists with us in the future as sentient beings, it will be incumbent for the enterprises who patent and create AI functionality to store their valuable innovation and inventions on a system, that system will be The Sharder Protocol. This data service can be used by enterprises and corporations; The Sharder Brain will go down in history as the harbinger of AI development and patented security of intellectual property. The Sharder Brain also assists in the development of the Internet-of-Things and can be utilized for data analysis and data alerts such as vital sign alerts. Imagine an application that can save your life, that application is embedded in a protocol that will change the world as we know it for the better. One Fair is the fourth Dapp created on The Sharder Protocol; it fosters a laissez-faire, decentralized, democratized, transparent open-source free market where individuals and enterprises can trade storage space, digital assets and verified data such as copyright data and intellectual property that has been verified for ownership purposes! As our society continues to advance, data production will reach to the stars according to the Khardashev Scale, humanity will be a Tier-1 civilization within the next fifty years. A Tier-1 civilization will need a reliable, secure storage solution that is adaptable, limitless and ever-growing; The Sharder Protocol will be there to cradle that immeasurable data in its arms!

Transcendence Of Consciousness: A Discussion Of Human Knowledge And It’s Relation To Data Output

As human innovation continues to thrive, our society will inevitably produce more and more data as human ingenuity begins its transcendence of consciousness, as we become God’s of our own world. There is so much data that it is difficult to calculate how much data we’re producing due to the rapid pace of its creation. In a book by the name of “The Global War For Internet Governance”, Laura DeNardis, the author of this incredible book, stated that “there has been more technological advancement in the past week than any other century prior to 1700.” Other researchers have claimed that our society in the past two days produces more energy and data than all of humanities history up to the year 2003. According to IBM, 2.5 extrabytes, which is 2.5 billion gigabytes, was produced everyday in 2012, and that was already six years ago. As the Fourth Industrial Revolution continues it’s onslaught in every sector of industry, it is incumbent to find a solution to the storage of big data and that answer is a cross chain storage solution known as the Sharder Protocol!

The Sharder Protocol: The Protector of Brilliant Minds, The Bulwark Of Patents, A Cross-Chain Data Storage Solution Of Immutability And Intellectual Security

The Sharder Protocol enables organizations, individuals and companies from every sector of industry to store their information and data on immutable ledger’s known as the blockchain; the beauty of the Sharder Protocol is it enables different blockchains such as NEO, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Monero, Cardano and so on to store their excess information using the Sharder Protocol. The Sharder Protocol is a fundamental answer for the protection of intellectual property, copyright information and ownership. The immutable ledger allows copyright information to be stored on the blockchain and thus, can never be tampered with; even eternity can not stand the test of time when it comes to the immutability of data storage. The Sharder Protocol is a pioneer of industry, nay, a pioneer of multiple industries, it is a technological orphan that enables governments or any entity that wishes to store their data on the blockchain to do so, with the knowledge that any copyright information, ownership patents and intellectual property will be stored safely and securely through it’s protocol. Who knows, maybe even one day Ms.Heap will utilize this gem of a project known as The Sharder Protocol through her blockchain based platform MyCelia; the beauty of The Sharder Protocol is that it is cross chain, it can be utilized within any blockchain, not just one. As I say now and forever, the necessity for the protection and storage of intellectual property, individual patents and copyright information can be utilized through this revolutionary protocol on the blockchain and this revolution in data storage solutions is none other than The Sharder Protocol! If only Nikola Tesla was around in the 21st century and was a pioneer of technology around 120 years later in our contemporary world, his inventions and patents would have been protected with the use of blockchain amalgamated with the data storage solution known as The Sharder Protocol!!

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Disclaimer: I own Sharder Tokens, information discussed in this article is of my own personal opinion. As always do your own research.

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