Human Sentiments: The Key to Cryptocurrency Forecasting

“Market sentiment”

The Big Ben’s Pendulum of the crypto market cannot be stopped. It sways wildly, irrationally, and most of the time or sometimes incalculable. 2017 was the peak year of Bitcoin reaching $20,000 a piece attracting speculators and investors around the globe.

The unexpected demand for BTC has been fueled by overall psychology or sentiments of the users and announced future regulations. Therefore, coins have also experienced towering successes and defeats. Some won but some may have lost costly.

“Taking risks”

What can we do to manage the risks of this unregulated market?

Data analytics started to gain popularity with the opportunity presented by the ‘Big Data’ industry. Tech giants such as Facebook and Google and many consultancy services companies are heavily invested to develop tools in maximizing such chance. Today, blockchain powered data analytics is being sought to provide the public with affordable analysis tools to help them when speculating or in deciding to use these coins for their transactions.

DATAVLT is one of the pioneers in establishing blockhain platform aimed at helping businesses especially Small Medium Enterprises to unleash their potentials using carefully evaluated business data. Using artificial intelligence with machine learning capabilities, the company targets many use cases including forecasting cryptocurrencies.

“Forecating Cryptocurrencies”

How can we forecast cryptocurrencies?

The general market for these coins is unpredictable but with the right tools, it can be alleviated resulting to more rational decisions on buying and selling digital assets.

The first step is to gather data related or specifically needed by users. These data can be extracted from blockchain news outlets, forums, and other significant website. Then, it will be fed into a black box algorithm to extract useful data. Through A.I., the data will be refined and trimmed to deal with the most important raw information to be used by the consumer. It will now traverse the blockchain network of DATAVLT ensuring non-alteration and then the predictive learning machine will do its work in analyzing significant historical patterns of economic events and sentiments to produce reports needed by the investor.

These reports will serve as a basis for the speculator or user in deciding whether to invest or not.

To establish forecasts with better precision, DATAVLT aims to partner with reputable exchanges and not rogues filled with price manipulations.

“Infant Market”

But the market is generally young?

The crypto space is still at its infancy stage and it would take few more years to mature. However, this is already an opportunity for data analytics companies like DATAVLT to gather a good amount of relevant data during this stage since it will be beneficial in making improved decision making basing from the prudently appraised historical data.

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