Huge Improvement in Tokenized Economy

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Being actively involved in the tokenized economy for the last 3 years I think we are coming in the best times the tokenized economy has seen so far.

I think we are slowly coming in times when Tesla is finaly becoming more popular than Lambo in the crypto community.

Price of services have fallen and made people involved humble

When we started thinking about entering crypto in 2015 “experienced guy” told me you need $25.000 to make it.

in 2016 “experienced guy” told me you need $150.000 to make it.

In 2017 “experienced guy” told me you need $1.500.000 to make it.

End of 2018 “experienced guy” told me we can do something if you have a working product — we will take your tokens and/or 10%.

Language improvement

Aldo classically educated and speaking 5 languages I felt like a complete idiot listening to “Lambo guys” talk. I was thinking to my self It might be time to retire.

Now times have changed…

FOMO, ATH, FUD, TA — have been exchanged by delivering long-term value to all the stakeholders

POW, POS — have been exchanged by adoption rating, usability, sales

This is a far more normal business talk that I can comprehend.

Finally, engineers are more important than uneducated speculative investors

Last half of 2017 and the first half of 2018 has been really worst times in the history of the blockchain. All conferences were full of people that have invested $10.000 and allegedly made a million.

Shiny Lambos have overshadowed brilliant minds of brilliant engineers that have been working on smart contracts, improving the speed of transactions, security, consensus algorithms, decentralization…

Now end of 2018 when it is again more important to solve worlds problems than the dilemma of the color of the Lambo we are seeing a huge increase in popularity of programmers and engineers.

Promotors of pump and dumps have finally given way to promoters of new technologies, new business processes and the new decentralized society.

Serious investors are entering the field of tokenized economy

If most of ICO were financed by speculation and often to high expectations.

Now VCs are looking for real companies, teams, and products that can make a difference in blockchain and tokenized economy.

First blockchain companies will go public soon on “classical exchanges”.

Economy, ecology, nice people

Blockhain projects have slowly started making sense — they add value to every shareholder, they make positive cash flow and earn money for the team and not burning investors money. Project address economic and ecologic issues of today’s environment and society — they solve issues without the need for subsidization.

People involved in the projects are nice — I remember 6 months ago I was contacted by ICO agency and when I expressed my opinion that $150.000 is not cheap if they can not guarantee ROI — I got the answer I certainly didn’t expect — what are you doing in blockchain if you don’t have money?

In November lingo of salespersons have changed — “let’s do something together!” I get most often.

So the world is getting a nicer place even with the blockhain community becoming more and more important.

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