How to Surveil the Surveillance Apparatus

tl;dr: The encroachment of AI into our lives and societies continues relentlessly. Security checkpoints are a great place to monitor the progress.

Whenever I fly by plane somewhere, there are two places I pause just to take notice of how the landscape is changing.

Those two places are security checkpoints and, when going internationally, passport control.

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What I am looking for is if, where, and how new technologies are being deployed.

These two places are the front lines for surveillance and detection equipment.

On a recent trip to Canada, while talking with one of the customs officials, I wondered when there would be sensors that could detect a person’s heartbeat from afar to see if it was beating quickly.

That could be an indication that, although the individual may have a poker face and be calm externally, they are extremely nervous. This could be a clue that s/he is hiding something.

Well, if this tech is available, I haven’t heard about it yet, but Amazon now sells software that can detect fear by the look on someone’s face.

You can see how this will soon be utilized not just at security and border checkpoints, but in retail environments (shoplifters), job interviews, sales opportunities, witness examinations, jury selection, and thousands of others.

Next time you go through a security checkpoint at the airport, grab all of your items and walk away from the conveyor to one of the benches or tables available.

As you put your things back together, take a deep breath and look around at the scene. On the ceiling, you’ll see cameras that are used in casinos. Take a look at what tech the agents are using there.

Then, see if you notice anything different the time after that.

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