How to See the Organization of the Future…Today

tl;dr: The organizations of the future, enabled and supported by blockchains, will look very different than the organizations of the past and the present. A new FREE eBook from DAOstack brings together 20+ of the world’s leading thinkers offering their thoughts on the decentralized organizations.

Going all the way back to “The DAO,” I have been increasingly fascinated by the idea of organizations that run on distributed ledger technology.

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These Decentralized Autonomous Organizations will have governance by code/smart contract and have the potential for far greater agility and scalability than the current method of “command and control” orgs.

DAOs are not fantasy. They are reality.

Many projects are moving towards this model already.

Decred is setting up a version. Gnosis has partnered with DAOstack to set up the dxDAO, a new type of crypto trading exchange managed by a community. Polkadot is setting up the PolkaDAO.

Others are information as well.

What is the Decentralized Org Future?

Working and operation within a DAO model are going to be similar and different in many ways.

I’ve written about this a lot both here on the blog as well as on


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and CNBC

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However, I barely scratched the surface in terms of the potential impact of these organizations.

A FREE Primer on the Organizations of the Future

That is why I want to call your attention to a new eBook from DAOstack called “Decentralized Thriving: The Here and Now of DAOs”

They have assembled 20+ of the world’s leading thinkers on the topic and it’s a fascinating read covering topics from a basic/broad introduction to decentralized organizational design and modeling to governance to socio-cultural impact.

This is the kind of thought leadership that will help anyone get a better glimpse of the horizon.

Download the eBook here.

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